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Type: Book
Title: Remorse: Psychological and jurisprudential perspectives
Author: Proeve, M.
Tudor, S.
Publisher: Ashgate
Issue Date: 2010
ISBN: 9780754675891
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Statement of
Michael Proeve and Steven Tudor
Contents: Table of Contents Preface Introduction Chapter 1 Scenes and Stories of Remorse Introduction Remorse in the News Remorse in Fiction Remorse in Poetry Remorse in Biography Remorse in Mythology and Religion Chapter 2 Analysing Remorse: A Philosophical Approach Introduction What is an Emotion? The Retractive Emotions Defining Remorse and its Near Neighbours Remorse’s Belief Remorse’s Feelings Remorse’s Desires Remorse’s Volitions Lucid and Distorted Remorse Recognizing Remorse Chapter 3 Remorse and Related Emotions: A Psychological Approach Introduction Remorse in Relation to Other Emotions Remorse and Its Relatives: Regret, Guilt and Shame Empirical Distinctions Between Remorse and its Relatives A Model of Remorse and Its Relatives The Importance of Shame and Guilt Conclusion Chapter 4 The Interpersonal Effects of Remorse Introduction Judgment, Punishment and Behaviour Theories Which Address Remorse as an Interpersonal Phenomenon Empirical Studies of the Interpersonal Effects of Remorse A Meta-analysis of the Effects of Remorse Simulation Studies Involving Participants with Criminal Justice Experience Interpersonal Effects of Remorse in Legal Settings Associations of Remorse and Related Emotions with Offender Characteristics Summary Directions for Future Research Chapter 5 Proving Remorse Introduction Evidence of Remorse Adducing Evidence of Remorse at the Sentencing Hearing The Witnesses of Remorse: the Offender The Witnesses of Remorse: Lay Witnesses The Witnesses of Remorse: Expert Witnesses Research Studies on Construction of Remorse Scepticism and Certainty in Findings of Offender Remorse Chapter 6 Remorse as a Mitigating Factor in Sentencing Introduction Remorse as a Legal Good Defining the Mitigation Principle Does Remorse make Punishment Redundant? Can Offering Mitigation Induce Remorse? Should Remorse be Rewarded with Mitigation? Remorse Should be Recognized by Mitigation Two Arguments Against Remorse as a Mitigating Factor Appendix: Legal Sources Chapter 7 Absence of Remorse as an Aggravating Factor in Sentencing? Introduction The Variety of Reasons for an Absence of Remorse in Criminal Offenders The Implausibility of a General Policy of Aggravation Is Aggravation a Corollary of Mitigation? A Communicative Argument for Aggravation A Retributivist Argument for Aggravation A Utilitarian Argument for Aggravation Parsimonious Sentencing and the Non-Proliferation of Aggravating Factors A Rights-based Argument Against the Aggravation Principle Appendix: Legal Sources Chapter 8 Moral Emotions and Psychological Interventions with Offenders Introduction Responses to Offending: Cognitive, Behavioural and Emotional Emotional Reactions Following Different Types of Offences Emotional Consequences of Offending: Remorse, Regret, Guilt, and Shame Psychological Interventions with Offenders: Addressing Cognition and Emotion Suggestions for Therapeutic Interventions Following Offending Chapter 9 Remorse and Restorative Justice Conferencing Introduction What is Restorative Justice Conferencing? Restorative Justice Conferencing and the Criminal Justice Process The Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Conferencing Desirable Emotions in Restorative Justice Conferencing Ethical Issues in Managing Emotion in Restorative Justice Conferencing Chapter 10 Looking Forwards with a Backwards-looking Emotion Introduction Themes from Preceding Chapters Remorse and Related Emotions Measurement Suggestions for Future Research Implications of Remorse, Guilt, Regret and Shame from Three Perspectives Concluding Postscript Appendix A Description of Meta-analysis Approach Appendix B Meta-analysis of Simulation Studies of Remorse Appendix C Effect Sizes for Simulation Studies of Remorse involving Participants with Criminal Justice Experience References Index
Keywords: guilt; remorse; criminal liability--Psychological aspects
Description: Also available as an ebook. see
RMID: 0030000786
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