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AR&S Supported Formats

While we can accept and store any file format, long term preservation requires that the format is well known. Applications come and go, and files created with an applcation may become unusable if that application becomes obsolete.

We have defined three levels of support for file formats, as indicated in the table below:

  1. Supported. There is a high likelihood that its content, appearance, and functions will be preserved over time. Supported file formats are well documented within the software community and can be rendered by a variety of software applications.
  2. Known. We recognise this format, but cannot guarantee its support over time. In general, this applies to proprietary formats whose underlying code is not available to the wider software community. Preservation of content, appearance, and function will be dependent on the application vendor maintaining backward compatibility in future releases of the application used to create the file.
  3. Unknown. We have no knowledge of, or information about this format. The bitstream will be preserved, but not appearance or functionality.


Format Support Levels
Name Extensions MIME Type Support Level
Unknown unknown
Adobe PDF pdf application/pdf supported
XML xml text/xml supported
Text txt, asc text/plain supported
HTML htm, html text/html supported
Microsoft Word doc, docx application/msword known
Microsoft Powerpoint ppt, pptx application/ known
Microsoft Excel xls, xlsx application/ known
MARC application/marc supported
JPEG jpeg, jpg image/jpeg supported
GIF gif image/gif supported
image/png png image/png supported
TIFF tiff, tif image/tiff supported
AIFF aiff, aif, aifc audio/x-aiff known
audio/basic au, snd audio/basic known
WAV wav audio/x-wav known
MPEG mpeg, mpg, mpe, mp4 video/mpeg supported
RTF rtf text/richtext supported
Microsoft Visio vsd application/vnd.visio known
FMP3 fm application/x-filemaker known
BMP bmp image/x-ms-bmp known
Photoshop psd, pdd application/x-photoshop known
Postscript ps, eps, ai application/postscript supported
Video Quicktime mov, qt video/quicktime known
MPEG Audio mpa, abs, mpega audio/x-mpeg known
Microsoft Project mpp, mpx, mpd application/ known
Mathematica ma application/mathematica known
LateX latex application/x-latex known
TeX tex application/x-tex known
TeX dvi dvi application/x-dvi known
SGML sgm, sgml application/sgml known
WordPerfect wpd application/wordperfect5.1 known
RealAudio ra, ram audio/x-pn-realaudio known
Photo CD pcd image/x-photo-cd known
mp3 mp3 audio/mpeg supported
Access mdb application/ known


What To Do If Your Format Isn't Listed

Please contact your AR&S Administrator if you have questions about a particular format.


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