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2024Consuming Landscapes? Farm value-adding and rural business diversification in Adelaide’s peri-urban region - past, present and futureHouston, P.; Bardsley, D.; Robinson, G.; Curtis, A.; Sarre, G.; Szabo, J.; Urquhart, J.; Adelaide Peri-urban Project
2024Multiomic analysis implicates nuclear hormone receptor signalling in clustering epilepsyde Nys, R.; van Eyk, C.L.; Ritchie, T.; Møller, R.S.; Scheffer, I.E.; Marini, C.; Bhattacharjee, R.; Kumar, R.; Gecz, J.
2023Show Me What You Mean: Inclusive Augmented Typography for Students with DyslexiaTaljaard, D.; Thiessen, M.
2023Electromagnetic Shielding using Graphene Material in Wide Bandwidth of 1.5GHz-10GHzGupta, K.; Nine, M.J.; Denton, C.; Losic, D.; International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP) (31 Oct 2022 - 3 Nov 2022 : Sydney, Australia)
2023Model based process optimisation of an industrial chromatographic process for separation of lactoferrin from bovine milkGerstweiler, L.; Schad, P.; Trunzer, T.; Enghauser, L.; Meyr, M.; Billakanti, J.
2023Family influence on refugee youth education and employment aspirations and choicesZiaian, T.; Puvimanasinghe, T.; Miller, E.; de Anstiss, H.; Esterman, A.; Dollard, M.; Afsharian, A.
2023Reterritorialising pedagogies of listening: bringing into dialogue culturally responsive pedagogies with Reggio Emilia principlesRigney, L.I.; Kelly, S.
2023Nano-structuring metal organic frameworks on semiconductor nanowire arrays for highly sensitive and selective chemical sensingJohn, A.T.; Wei, S.; Yuwono, J.A.; Kumar, P.; Nisbet, D.R.; Karawdeniya, B.I.; Fu, L.; Murugappan, K.; Tricoli, A.
2023“Bandaids in a Battlefield”: The Anthropology of Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support in AustraliaReid, Alison Kim
2023Axial Force Negative Stiffness in Axial-Flux Electric MachinesSoong, W.L.; Roshandel, E.; Cao, Z.; Mahmoudi, A.; Kahourzade, S.; IEEE International Magnetic Conference - Short Papers (INTERMAG Short Papers) (15 May 2023 - 19 May 2023 : Sendai, Japan)
2023Optimal Design of Induction Motors Over Driving Cycles for Electric VehiclesRoshandel, E.; Mahmoudi, A.; Soong, W.L.; Kahourzade, S.
2023Employing the interactive oral to mitigate threats to academic integrity from ChatGPTNewell, S.
2023Regional Memorials and Frontier ViolenceNettelbeck, A.; Wanhalla, A.; Ryan, L.
2023Effects of an antenatal dietary intervention in women with obesity or overweight on child outcomes at 8–10 years of age: LIMIT randomised trial follow-upDodd, J.M.; Deussen, A.R.; Peña, A.S.; Mitchell, M.; Louise, J.
2022Meet your meat! How Australian livestock producers are using Instagram to promote 'happy meat'Buddle, E.A.; Contois, E.; Kish, Z.
2022Collective wellbeing and posttraumatic growth during COVID-19: how positive psychology can help families, schools, workplaces and marginalized communitiesWaters, L.; Cameron, K.; Katherine Nelson-Coffey, S.; Crone, D.L.; Kern, M.; Lomas, T.; Oades, L.; Owens, R.L.; Pawelski, J.O.; Rashid, T.; Warren, M.A.; White, M.; Williams, P.
2022Value of South Australia’s National Parks and Reserves. Study 1: Economic value of nature-based tourism. Part 2. Secondary economic valueLoch, A.; Auricht, C.; O'Connor, P.; Department of Environment and Water, Government of South Australia
2022Economic Value of Recreational Use of South Australia’s National Parks and Reserves: Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail Case StudyLoch, A.; Auricht, C.; O'Connor, P.; Department of Environment and Water, Government of South Australia
2022In Defence of the Traditional MethodologiesGoldsworthy, J.; Lakin, S.; Kyritsos, D.
2022Strengthening protection of endemic wildlife threatened by the international pet trade: the case of the Australian shingleback lizardHeinrich, S.; Toomes, A.; Shepherd, C.R.; Stringham, O.C.; Swan, M.; Cassey, P.