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2022Impact of fermentation temperature and grape solids content on the chemical composition and sensory profiles of Cabernet Sauvignon wines made from flash détente treated must fermented off-skinsNtuli, R.G.; Saltman, Y.; Ponangi, R.; Jeffery, D.W.; Bindon, K.; Wilkinson, K.L.
2021Model OrganismsAnkeny, R.A.; Leonelli, S.
2021A new genus, Perplexacara, and new generic placements of species of Australian marsh beetles (Coleoptera: Scirtidae) based on morphology and molecular genetic dataWatts, C.H.S.; Bradford, T.M.; Cooper, S.J.B.
2021Sleep disordered breathing in children: which symptoms do parents consider a problem?Lushington, K.; Biggs, S.; Martin, A.; Kennedy, J.
2021Endocannabinoids in bladder sensory mechanisms in health and diseasesChristie, S.; Brookes, S.; Zagorodnyuk, V.
2021A high-quality genome of taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott), one of the world's oldest cropsYin, J.; Jiang, L.; Han, X.; Guo, W.; Li, C.; Zhou, Y.; Denton, M.D.; Zhang, P.
2021A general strategy for antimony-based alloy nanocomposite embedded in Swiss-cheese-like nitrogen-doped porous carbon for energy storageYang, T.; Zhong, J.; Liu, J.; Yuan, Y.; Yang, D.; Mao, Q.; Li, X.; Guo, Z.
2021A fractal approach for surface roughness analysis of laboratory hydraulic fractureMovassagh, A.; Haghighi, M.; Zhang, X.; Kasperczyk, D.; Sayyafzadeh, M.
2021A mathematical model to assess the influence of transients on a refractory-lined solar receiverRafique, M.M.; Nathan, G.; Saw, W.
2021A review on the statics and dynamics of electrically actuated nano and micro structuresKhaniki, H.B.; Ghayesh, M.H.; Amabili, M.
2021A novel electrocatalytic filtration system with carbon nanotube supported nanoscale zerovalent copper toward ultrafast oxidation of organic pollutantsZheng, W.; Liu, Y.; Liu, W.; Ji, H.; Li, F.; Shen, C.; Fang, X.; Li, X.; Duan, X.
2021Holden and Me: Treasures of a Working LifeBolognese, M.; Clark, J.; Collins, C.
2021Lagomorpha as a model morphological systemKraatz, B.; Belabbas, R.; Fostowicz-Frelik, L.A.; Ge, D.; Kuznetsov, A.N.; Madlen, L.; López-Torres, S.; Mohammadi, Z.; Racicot, R.A.; Ravosa, M.J.; Sharp, A.C.; Sherratt, E.; Silcox, M.T.; Słowiak, J.; Winkler, A.J.; Ruf, I.
2021Hospitalisations for non-fatal overdose among people with a history of opioid dependence in New South Wales, Australia, 2001-2018: findings from the OATS retrospective cohort studyJones, N.R.; Hickman, M.; Larney, S.; Nielsen, S.; Ali, R.; Murphy, T.; Dobbins, T.; Fiellin, D.A.; Degenhardt, L.
2021Enhancing the adhesion strength and wear resistance of nanostructured NiCrN coatingsAkhter, R.; Zhou, Z.; Xie, Z.; Munroe, P.
2021Children's school footwear: The impact of fit on foot function, comfort and jump performance in children aged 8 to 12 yearsMatthias, E.; Banwell, H.A.; Arnold, J.B.
2021Decreased soil carbon in a warming world: degraded pyrogenic carbon during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, Bighorn Basin, WyomingDenis, E.H.; Maibauer, B.J.; Bowen, G.J.; Jardine, P.E.; Harrington, G.J.; Baczynski, A.A.; McInerney, F.A.; Collinson, M.E.; Belcher, C.M.; Wing, S.L.; Freeman, K.H.
2021Before and Now: Arrkurla nakala, kurunga lyaata-ntamaCarty, J.
2021Recent advances in spinel-type electrocatalysts for bifunctional oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactionsLiu, X.M.; Cui, X.; Dastafkan, K.; Wang, H.F.; Tang, C.; Zhao, C.; Chen, A.; He, C.; Han, M.; Zhang, Q.
2021Assessing the role of self-control and technology access on adolescent sexting and sext disseminationHolt, K.M.; Holt, T.J.; Cale, J.; Brewer, R.; Goldsmith, A.