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2007Classification of lactose and mandelic acid THz spectra using subspace and wavelet-packet algorithmsYin, X.; Hadjiloucas, S.; Fischer, B.; Ng, B.; Paiva, H.; Galvao, R.; Walker, G.; Bowen, J.; Abbott, D.; Derek Abbott; Microelectronics: Design, Technology, and Packaging III (2007 : ACT, Australia)
2008Simultaneous dual scanning terahertz systemUng, B.; Ng, B.; Abbott, D.; IRMMW - THz 2008 (2008 : Pasadena, California)
2010A preliminary study of hydrogenation of oils using terahertz time domain spectroscopyUng, B.; Ng, B.; Abbott, D.; IRMMW-THz 2010 (35th : 2010 : Rome, Italy)
2006Wavelet based segment detection and feature extraction for 3D T-ray CT pattern classificationYin, X.; Ng, B.; Ferguson, B.; Mickan, S.; Abbott, D.; Victor DeBrunner; IEEE Digital Signal Processing Workshop (12th : 2006 : Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming)
2006Statistical model for the classification of the wavelet transforms of T-ray pulsesYin, X.; Ng, B.; Ferguson, B.; Mickan, S.; Abbott, D.; Tang, Y.Y.; International Conference on Pattern Recognition (18th : 2006 : Hong Kong)
2006Information fusion and wavelet based segment detection with applications to the identification of 3D target T-ray CT imagingYin, X.; Ng, B.; Ferguson, B.; Mickan, S.; Fischer, B.; Rainsford, T.; Abbott, D.; Shen, X.C.; Lu, W.; Zhang, J.; Dou, W.B.; International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves (31st : 2006 : Shanghai, China)
2007Terahertz local tomographyYin, X.; Ng, B.; Fischer, B.; Abbott, D.; Bob Miles; IRMMW-THz2007 (2007 : Cardiff, Wales)
2012Terahertz scattering by dense mediaKaushik, M.; Ng, B.; Fischer, B.; Abbott, D.
2012Exploiting sparsity and low-rank structure for the recovery of multi-slice breast MRIs with reduced sampling errorYin, X.; Ng, B.; Ramamohanarao, K.; Baghai-Wadji, A.; Abbott, D.
2013Automated authorship attribution using advanced signal classification techniquesEbrahimpour, M.; Putnins, T.; Berryman, M.; Allison, A.; Ng, B.; Abbott, D.; Chialvo, D.R.