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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Gain-scheduled H-infinity observer design for nonlinear stochastic systems with time-delay and actuator saturationYin, Y.; Shi, P.; Liu, F.; Karimi, H.; American Control Conference (2012 : Montreal, QC, Canada)
2013Robust H∞ synchronization of a hyper-chaotic system with disturbance inputWang, B.; Shi, P.; Karimi, H.; Song, Y.; Wang, J.
2013Fuzzy filter design for discrete-time delayed systems with distributed probabilistic sensor faultsSu, X.; Shi, P.; Wu, L.; Karimi, H.; American Control Conference (2013 : Washington DC)
2012Kalman filtering on greenhouse climate controlShi, P.; Luan, X.; Liu, F.; Karimi, H.; Chinese Control Conference (CCC) (25 Jul 2012 - 27 Jul 2012 : Hefei, China)
2012Approximate analytic and numerical solutions to Lane-Emden equation via fuzzy modeling methodWang, D.; Song, W.; Shi, P.; Karimi, H.
2013Robust fault tolerant tracking controller design for a VTOL aircraftChadli, M.; Aouaouda, S.; Karimi, H.; Shi, P.
2012The unbalanced linguistic aggregation operator in group decision makingZou, L.; Pei, Z.; Karimi, H.; Shi, P.
2014Robust H∞ filtering for networked control systems with markovian jumps and packet dropoutsLi, F.; Shi, P.; Wang, X.; Karimi, H.
2014On stability and stabilization of singular uncertain Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systemsChadli, M.; Karimi, H.; Shi, P.
2014Non-fragile H∞ control for switched stochastic delay systems with application to water quality processWang, D.; Shi, P.; Wang, W.; Karimi, H.