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2008Prevalence of refractive error in rural Myanmar: The Meiktila Eye StudyGupta, A.; Casson, R.; Newland, H.; Muecke, J.; Landers, J.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Aung, T.
2004Modified Hughes flap - division at 7 daysLeibovitch, I.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2007Techniques and outcomes of total upper and lower eyelid reconstructiondeSousa, J.; Leibovitch, I.; Malhotra, R.; O'Donnell, B.; Sullivan, T.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2007Intraorbital injection of triamcinolone acetonide in patients with idiopathic orbital inflammationLeibovitch, I.; Prabhakaran, V.; Davis, G.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2007Orbital and adnexal sarcoidosisPrabhakaran, V.; Saeed, P.; Esmaeli, B.; Sullivan, T.; McNab, A.; Davis, G.; Valenzuela, A.; Leibovitch, I.; Kesler, A.; Sivak-Callcott, J.; Hoyama, E.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2008Anisometropia in an adult population in rural Myanmar: The Meiktlla eye studyWu, H.; Casson, R.; Newland, H.; Muecke, J.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Aung, T.
2005Endonasal endoscopic assisted replacement of lacrimal drainage tubesLeibovitch, I.; Sheikh, I.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Davis, G.; Wormald, P.; Malhotra, R.
2013Incidence of canalicular closure with endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy without intubation in primary nasolacrimal duct obstructionCannon, P.; Chan, W.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2005Infectious keratitis in South Australia: Emerging resistance to cephazolinLeibovitch, I.; Lai, T.; Senarath, L.; Hsuan, J.; Selva-Nayagam, D.
2013Eyelid lymphedema following neck dissection and radiotherapySagili, S.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Malhotra, R.