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2007Strain-dependent resistance to allergen-induced lung pathophysiology in mice correlates with rate of apoptosis of lung-derived eosinophilsTumes, D.; Cormie, J.; Calvert, M.; Stewart, K.; Nassenstein, C.; Braun, A.; Foster, P.; Dent, L.
2019Distribution and activity of mitochondrial proteins in vascular and avascular retinas: implications for retinal metabolismChidlow, G.; Wood, J.P.M.; Sia, P.I.; Casson, R.J.
2019A niche-dependent myeloid transcriptome signature defines dormant myeloma cellsKhoo, W.H.; Ledergor, G.; Weiner, A.; Roden, D.L.; Terry, R.L.; McDonald, M.M.; Chai, R.C.; De Veirman, K.; Owen, K.L.; Opperman, K.S.; Vandyke, K.; Clark, J.R.; Seckinger, A.; Kovacic, N.; Nguyen, A.; Mohanty, S.T.; Pettitt, J.A.; Xiao, Y.; Corr, A.P.; Seeliger, C.; et al.
2012Commentary on prebiotic utility in colitis: will inflammasomics hold the key?Howarth, G.S.
1997A Novel Epithelial-Expressed ETS Gene, ELF3 - Human and Murine cDNA Sequences, Murine Genomic Organization, Human Mapping to 1q32.2 and Expression in Tissues and CancerTymms, M.; Ng, A.; Thomas, R.; Schutte, B.; Zhou, J.; Eyre, H.; Sutherland, G.; Seth, A.; Rosenberg, M.; Papas, T.; Debouck, C.; Kola, I.
2000Effect of packing on nasal mucosa of sheepShaw, C.; Dymock, R.; Cowin, A.; Wormald, P.
2002Tetraethylammonium block of water flux in Aquaporin-1 channels expressed in kidney thin limbs of Henle's loop and a kidney-derived cell lineYool, A.; Brokl, O.; Pannabecker, T.; Dantzler, W.; Stamer, W.
2007Novel high-resolution characterization of ancient DNA reveals C > U-type base modification events as the sole cause of post mortem miscoding lesionsBrotherton, P.; Endicott, P.; Sanchez, J.; Beaumont, M.; Barnett, R.; Austin, J.; Cooper, A.
2021The ubiquitin ligase NEDD4-2/NEDD4L regulates both sodium homeostasis and fibrotic signaling to prevent end-stage renal diseaseManning, J.A.; Shah, S.S.; Nikolic, A.; Henshall, T.L.; Khew-Goodall, Y.; Kumar, S.
2018Adult mouse eIF2Bϵ Arg191His astrocytes display a normal integrated stress response in vitroWisse, L.; Ter Braak, T.; Van De Beek, M.; Van Berkel, C.; Wortel, J.; Heine, V.; Proud, C.; Van Der Knaap, M.; Abbink, T.