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1999Na+-H+ exchange in salivary secretory cells is controlled by an intracellular Na+ receptorIshibashi, H.; Dinudom, A.; Harvey, K.; Kumar, S.; Young, J.; Cook, D.
1998Measurement of an analog of insulin-like growth factor-I in blood plasma using a novel enzyme-linked immunosorbent assayGajanandana, O.; Irvine, K.; Grant, P.; Francis, G.; Knowles, S.; Wrin, J.; Wallace, J.; Owens, P.
1998Neural precursor differentiation into astrocytes requires signaling through the leukemia inhibitory factor receptor.Koblar, S.; Turnley, A.; Classon, B.; Reid, K.; Ware, C.; Cheema, S.; Murphy, M.; Bartlett, P.
1998Dimerization and auto processing of the Nedd2 (caspase 2) precursor requires both the prodomain and the carboxyl-terminal regionsButt, A.; Harvey, N.; Parasivam, G.; Kumar, S.
1999DRONC, an ecdysone-inducible Drosophila caspaseDorstyn, L.; Colussi, P.; Quinn, L.; Richardson, H.; Kumar, S.
1998Nedd4 mediates control of an epithelial Na+ channel in salivary duct cells by cytosic Na+Dinudom, A.; Harvey, K.; Komwatanat, P.; Young, J.; Kumar, S.; Cook, D.
1997Anti-ovine V CAM-1 monoclonal antibodies inhibit adhesion and proliferation between sheep endothelial and mononuclear cells in vitro.Grooby, W.; Krishnan, R.; Russ, G.
1998The identification and localisation of a human gene with sequence similarity to Polycomblike of Drosophila melanogasterCoulson, M.; Robert, S.; Eyre, H.; Saint, R.
1997PHoP/Q regulated genes in Salmonella typhi: identification of melittin sensitive mutantsBaker, S.; Daniels, C.; Morona, R.
1999CD44Kremmidiotis, G.