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2016CXCR5⁺ follicular cytotoxic T cells control viral infection in B cell folliclesLeong, Y.; Chen, Y.; Ong, H.; Wu, D.; Man, K.; Deleage, C.; Minnich, M.; Meckiff, B.; Wei, Y.; Hou, Z.; Zotos, D.; Fenix, K.; Atnerkar, A.; Preston, S.; Chipman, J.; Beilman, G.; Allison, C.; Sun, L.; Wang, P.; Xu, J.; et al.
2008A specific anti-aire antibody reveals aire expression is restricted to medullary thymic epithelial cells and not expressed in peripheryHubert, F.; Kinkel, S.; Webster, K.; Cannon, P.; Crewther, P.; Proeitto, A.; Wu, L.; Heath, W.; Scott, H.
2004Interleukin 18 receptorSergi, B.; Penttila, I.
2007Involvement of galanin receptors 1 and 2 in the modulation of mouse vagal afferent mechanosensitivityPage, A.; Slattery, J.; Brierley, S.; Jacoby, A.; Blackshaw, L.
2008The IL-3/IL-5/GM-CSF common beta receptor plays a pivotal role in the regulation of Th2 immunity and allergic airway inflammationAsquith, K.; Ramshaw, H.; Hansbro, P.; Beagley, K.; Lopez, A.; Foster, P.
2008X-linked protocadherin 19 mutations cause female-limited epilepsy and cognitive impairmentDibbens, L.; Tarpey, P.; Hynes, K.; Bayly, M.; Scheffer, I.; Smith, R.; Bomar, J.; Sutton, E.; Vandeleur, L.; Shoubridge, C.; Edkins, S.; Turner, S.; Stevens, C.; O'Meara, S.; Tofts, C.; Barthorpe, S.; Buck, G.; Cole, J.; Halliday, K.; Jones, D.; et al.
2002Regional variation in contribution of myenteric and intramuscular interstitial cells of Cajal to generation of slow waves in mouse gastric antrumHirst, D.; Spencer, E.; Sanders, K.; Ward, S.
2002Regulation of pacemaker frequency in the murine gastric antrumKim, T.; Spencer, E.; Hanna, R.; Koh, S.; Ordog, T.; Ward, S.; Sanders, K.
2002Transforming growth factor β — a mediator of immune deviation in seminal plasmaRobertson, S.; Ingman, W.; O'Leary, S.; Sharkey, D.; Tremellen, K.
2003Expression and localization of homeodomain proteins DLX4/HB9 in normal and malignant human breast tissuesNeufing, P.; Kalionis, B.; Horsfall, D.; Ricciardelli, C.; Stahl, J.; Vivekanandan, S.; Raymond, W.; Tilley, W.