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2009Application of full-wave electromagnetic solvers to micro/nano-structured fibresAtakaramians, S.; Franke, H.; Abbott, D.; Monro, T.; Fumeaux, C.; Australasian Conference on Optics, Lasers and Spectroscopy (2009 : Adelaide, Australia)
2013Inkjet printed conductive polymer-based beam-splitters for terahertz applicationsUng, B.; Weng, B.; Shepherd, R.; Abbott, D.; Fumeaux, C.
2013Rotation Sensor Based on Horn-Shaped Split Ring ResonatorKarami Horestani, A.; Abbott, D.; Fumeaux, C.
2014Two-dimensional alignment and displacement sensor based on movable broadside-coupled split ring resonatorsKarami Horestani, A.; Naqui, J.; Shaterian, Z.; Abbott, D.; Fumeaux, C.; Martin, F.
2014Two-dimensional displacement and alignment sensor based on reflection coefficients of open microstrip lines loaded with split ring resonatorsHorestani, A.K.; Naqui, J.; Abbott, D.; Fumeaux, C.; Martín, F.
2013Metamaterial-based microfluidic sensor for dielectric characterizationWithayachumnankul, W.; Jaruwongrungsee, K.; Tuantranont, A.; Fumeaux, C.; Abbott, D.
2018Tutorial: Terahertz beamforming, from concepts to realizationsHeadland, D.; Monnai, Y.; Abbott, D.; Fumeaux, C.; Withayachumnankul, W.
2011Planar array of electric-LC resonators with broadband tunabilityWithayachumnankul, W.; Fumeaux, C.; Abbott, D.
2011Metamaterial-inspired molecular sensing arrayWithayachumnankul, W.; Fumeaux, C.; Abbott, D.; CSIRO Symposium on Nanomaterial-Based Sensors for Biomedical Applications (2011 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2012Metamaterial-inspired microfluidic-based sensor for chemical discriminationJaruwongrungsee, K.; Withayachumnankul, W.; Wisitsoraat, A.; Abbott, D.; Fumeaux, C.; Tuantranont, A.; IEEE Sensors (2012 : Taipei, Taiwan)