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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Modelling of low power cw laser beam heating effects on a GaAs substrateAbbott, D.; Davis, B.; Gonzalez, B.; Hernandez, A.; Eshraghian, K.
1991Photovoltaic gate biasing edge effect in GaAs MESFETsAbbott, D.; Cui, S.; Eshraghian, K.; McCabe, E.
1995A new VLSI smart sensor for collision avoidance inspired by insect visionAbbott, D.; Moini, A.; Yakovleff, A.; Nguyen, X.T.; Blanksby, A.; Kim, G.; Bouzerdoum, A.; Bogner, R.E.; Eshraghian, K.; Becherer, R.J.; Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems Conference (2 Nov 1994 - 4 Nov 1994 : Boston, MA)
1999Losing strategies can win by Parrondo's paradoHarmer, G.; Abbott, D.
1998A review of 3-D packaging technologyAl-Sarawi, S.; Abbott, D.; Franzon, P.
1996Simple derivation of the thermal noise formula using window-limited Fourier transforms and other conundrumsAbbott, D.; Davis, B.; Phillips, N.; Eshraghian, K.
1997An insect vision-based motion detection chipMoini, A.; Bouzerdoum, A.; Eshraghian, K.; Yakovleff, A.; Nguyen, X.; Blanksby, A.; Beare, R.; Abbott, D.; Bogner, R.
1999Analysis of system trade-offs for terahertz imagingMickan, S.; Abbott, D.; Munch, J.; Zhang, X.C.; van Doorn, T.; Bergmann, N.W.; Reinhold, O.; Tien, N.C.; SPIE Conference on Electronics and Structures for MEMS (27 Oct 1999 - 29 Oct 1999 : Gold Coast, Queensland)
1999Parrondo's paradoxHarmer, G.; Abbott, D.
1997GaAs pseudodynamic latched logic for high performance processor coresLopez, J.; Eshraghian, K.; Sarmiento, R.; Nunez, A.; Abbott, D.