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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Scaling characteristics of heart rate time series before the onset of ventricular tachycardiaBaumert, M.; Wessel, N.; Schirdewan, A.; Voss, A.; Abbott, D.
2008Material thickness optimization for transmission-mode terahertz time-domain spectroscopyWithayachumnankul, W.; Fischer, B.; Abbott, D.
2011A precise error bound for quantum phase estimationChappell, J.; Lohe, M.; Von Smekal, L.; Iqbal, A.; Abbott, D.; Kurths, J.
2013Surface roughness detection of arteries via texture analysis of ultrasound images for early diagnosis of atherosclerosisNiu, L.; Qian, M.; Yang, W.; Meng, L.; Xiao, Y.; Wong, K.; Abbott, D.; Liu, X.; Zheng, H.; Yang, X.
2013Critical analysis of the Bennett-Riedel attack on secure cryptographic key distributions via the Kirchhoff-law-Johnson-noise schemeKish, L.; Abbott, D.; Granqvist, C.; Brody, J.P.
2013Systolic peak detection in acceleration photoplethysmograms measured from emergency responders in tropical conditionsElgendi, M.; Norton, I.; Brearly, M.; Abbott, D.; Schuurmans, D.; Bondarenko, V.E.
2014A nonlinear cable framework for bidirectional synaptic plasticityIannella, N.; Launey, T.; Abbott, D.; Tanaka, S.; Phillips, W.
2015Functions of multivector variablesChappell, J.; Iqbal, A.; Gunn, L.; Abbott, D.; Xia, C.-Y.
2012Medical image diagnostics based on computer-aided flow analysis using magnetic resonance imagesWong, K.; Sun, Z.; Tu, J.; Worthley, S.; Mazumdar, J.; Abbott, D.
2002Towards functional 3D T-ray imagingFerguson, B.; Wang, S.; Gray, D.; Abbott, D.; Zhang, X.