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2002Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 for Treatment of Open Tibial FracturesCsimma, C.; Genant, H.; Valentin-Opran, A.; Amit, Y.; Arbel, R.; Aro, H.; Atar, D.; Bishay, M.; Borner, M.; Chiron, P.; Choong, P.; Cinats, J.; Courtenay, B.; Feibel, R.; Geulette, B.; Gravel, C.; Haas, N.; Raschke, M.; Hammacher, E.; van der Velde, D.; et al.
2007Epidemiological comparisons of problems and positive qualities reported by adolescents in 24 countriesRescorla, L.; Achenbach, T.; Ivanova, M.; Dumenci, L.; Almqvist, F.; Bilenberg, N.; Bird, H.; Broberg, A.; Dobrean, A.; Dopfner, M.; Erol, N.; Forns, M.; Hannesdottir, H.; Kanbayashi, Y.; Lambert, M.; Leung, P.; Minaei, A.; Mulatu, M.; Novik, T.; Oh, K.; et al.
2018Cortical abnormalities in bipolar disorder: an MRI analysis of 6503 individuals from the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder Working GroupHibar, D.; Westlye, L.; Doan, N.; Jahanshad, N.; Cheung, J.; Ching, C.; Versace, A.; Bilderbeck, A.; Uhlmann, A.; Mwangi, B.; Krämer, B.; Overs, B.; Hartberg, C.; Abé, C.; Dima, D.; Grotegerd, D.; Sprooten, E.; Bøen, E.; Jimenez, E.; Howells, F.; et al.
2019Intronic ATTTC repeat expansions in STARD7 in familial adult myoclonic epilepsy linked to chromosome 2Corbett, M.A.; Kroes, T.; Veneziano, L.; Bennett, M.F.; Florian, R.; Schneider, A.L.; Coppola, A.; Licchetta, L.; Franceschetti, S.; Suppa, A.; Wenger, A.; Mei, D.; Pendziwiat, M.; Kaya, S.; Delledonne, M.; Straussberg, R.; Xumerle, L.; Regan, B.; Crompton, D.; van Rootselaar, A.-F.; et al.
2019Association of HIV preexposure prophylaxis with incidence of sexually transmitted infections among individuals at high risk of HIV infectionTraeger, M.W.; Cornelisse, V.J.; Asselin, J.; Price, B.; Roth, N.J.; Willcox, J.; Tee, B.K.; Fairley, C.K.; Chang, C.C.; Armishaw, J.; Vujovic, O.; Penn, M.; Cundill, P.; Forgan-Smith, G.; Gall, J.; Pickett, C.; Lal, L.; Mak, A.; Spelman, T.D.; Long, N.; et al.
2019Disruptive variants of CSDE1 associate with autism and interfere with neuronal development and synaptic transmissionGuo, H.; Li, Y.; Shen, L.; Wang, T.; Jia, X.; Liu, L.; Xu, T.; Ou, M.; Hoekzema, K.; Wu, H.; Gillentine, M.A.; Liu, C.; Ni, H.; Peng, P.; Zhao, R.; Zhang, Y.; Phornphutkul, C.; Stegmann, A.P.A.; Prada, C.E.; Hopkin, R.J.; et al.
2017Developing consensus-based priority outcome domains for trials in kidney transplantation: a multinational Delphi Survey with patients, caregivers, and health professionalsSautenet, B.; Tong, A.; Manera, K.; Chapman, J.; Warrens, A.; Rosenbloom, D.; Wong, G.; Gill, J.; Budde, K.; Rostaing, L.; Marson, L.; Josephson, M.; Reese, P.; Pruett, T.; Hanson, C.; O'Donoghue, D.; Tam-Tham, H.; Halimi, J.; Shen, J.; Kanellis, J.; et al.
2021Targeted gene panels identify a high frequency of pathogenic germline variants in patients diagnosed with a hematological malignancy and at least one other independent cancerSinghal, D.; Hahn, C.N.; Feurstein, S.; Wee, L.Y.A.; Moma, L.; Kutyna, M.M.; Chhetri, R.; Eshraghi, L.; Schreiber, A.W.; Feng, J.; Wang, P.P.-S.; Babic, M.; Parker, W.T.; Gao, S.; Moore, S.; Das, S.; Thomas, D.; Pattnaik, S.; Brown, A.L.; D'Andrea, R.J.; et al.
2021Further delineation of BCAP31-linked intellectual disability: description of 17 new families with LoF and missense variantsWhalen, S.; Shaw, M.; Mignot, C.; Héron, D.; Bastaraud, S.C.; Walti, C.C.; Liebelt, J.; Elmslie, F.; Yap, P.; Hurst, J.; Forsythe, E.; Kirmse, B.; Ozmore, J.; Spinelli, A.M.; Calabrese, O.; de Villemeur, T.B.; Tabet, A.C.; Levy, J.; Guet, A.; Kossorotoff, M.; et al.
2017Electrophysiological, cognitive and clinical profiles of at-risk mental state: the longitudinal minds in transition (MinT) studyAtkinson, R.J.; Fulham, W.R.; Michie, P.T.; Ward, P.B.; Todd, J.; Stain, H.; Langdon, R.; Thienel, R.; Paulik, G.; Cooper, G.; Anthes, L.; Bowen, D.; Case, V.; Clark, S.; Collins-Langworthy, J.; Curtis, J.; Ehlkes, T.; Haddow, T.; Lawrence, C.; Logan, S.; et al.; Hashimoto, K.