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2020Effect of antenatal depression on adverse birth outcomes in Gondar town, Ethiopia: A community-based cohort studyFekadu Dadi, A.; Miller, E.R.; Woodman, R.J.; Azale, T.; Mwanri, L.
2020Meningococcal B vaccine and meningococcal carriage in adolescents in AustraliaMarshall, H.S.; McMillan, M.; Koehler, A.P.; Lawrence, A.; Sullivan, T.R.; MacLennan, J.M.; Maiden, M.C.J.; Ladhani, S.N.; Ramsay, M.E.; Trotter, C.; Borrow, R.; Finn, A.; Kahler, C.M.; Whelan, J.; Vadivelu, K.; Richmond, P.
2021Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in autism spectrum disorder: protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled clinical trialEnticott, P.G.; Barlow, K.; Guastella, A.J.; Licari, M.K.; Rogasch, N.C.; Middeldorp, C.M.; Clark, S.R.; Vallence, A.-M.; Boulton, K.A.; Hickie, I.B.; Whitehouse, A.J.O.; Galletly, C.; Alvares, G.A.; Fujiyama, H.; Heussler, H.; Craig, J.M.; Kirkovski, M.; Mills, N.T.; Rinehart, N.J.; Donaldson, P.H.; et al.
2020Is ‘minimally adequate treatment’ really adequate? investigating the effect of mental health treatment on quality of life for children with mental health problems.Ride, J.; Huang, L.; Mulraney, M.; Hiscock, H.; Coghill, D.; Sawyer, M.; Sciberras, E.; Dalziel, K.
2020Genome sequencing in persistently unsolved white matter disordersHelman, G.; Lajoie, B.R.; Crawford, J.; Takanohashi, A.; Walkiewicz, M.; Dolzhenko, E.; Gross, A.M.; Gainullin, V.G.; Bent, S.J.; Jenkinson, E.M.; Ferdinandusse, S.; Waterham, H.R.; Dorboz, I.; Bertini, E.; Miyake, N.; Wolf, N.I.; Abbink, T.E.M.; Kirwin, S.M.; Tan, C.M.; Hobson, G.M.; et al.
2020Empirical investigation of ranking vs best-worst scaling generated preferences for attributes of quality of life: one and the same or differentiable?Ratcliffe, J.; Kaambwa, B.; Hutchinson, C.; Lancsar, E.
2021CKLF and IL1B transcript levels at diagnosis are predictive of relapse in children with pre‐B‐cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaFitter, S.; Bradey, A.L.; Kok, C.H.; Noll, J.E.; Wilczek, V.J.; Venn, N.C.; Law, T.; Paisitkriangkrai, S.; Story, C.; Saunders, L.; Dalla Pozza, L.; Marshall, G.M.; White, D.L.; Sutton, R.; Zannettino, A.C.W.; Revesz, T.
2020Cauda Equina Syndrome Core Outcome Set (CESCOS): an international patient and healthcare professional consensus for research studiesSrikandarajah, N.; Noble, A.; Clark, S.; Wilby, M.; Freeman, B.J.C.; Fehlings, M.G.; Williamson, P.R.; Marson, T.
2020A standardized patient-centered characterization of the phenotypic spectrum of PCDH19 girls clustering epilepsyKolc, K.L.; Sadleir, L.G.; Depienne, C.; Marini, C.; Scheffer, I.E.; Møller, R.S.; Trivisano, M.; Specchio, N.; Pham, D.; Kumar, R.; Roberts, R.; Gecz, J.
2020Role of maternal age at birth in child development among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian children in their first school year: a population-based cohort studyHanly, M.; Falster, K.; Banks, E.; Lynch, J.; Chambers, G.M.; Brownell, M.; Dillon, A.; Eades, S.; Jorm, L.