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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Contribution of main causes of death to social inequalities in mortality in the whole population of Scania, SwedenRosvall, M.; Chaix, B.; Lynch, J.; Lindstrom, M.; Merlo, J.
2002Use of medication by young people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderSawyer, M.; Rey, J.; Graetz, B.; Clark, J.; Baghurst, P.
2001Risperidone versus Pimozide in Tourette's Disorder: A comparative double-blind parallel-group studyBruggeman, P.; Van Der Linden, C.; Buitelaar, J.; Gericke, G.; Hawkridge, S.; Temlett, J.
2005Evaluation of the outcomes of 7 class II treatments 40 years laterGrave, K.; Townsend, G.
2007Asthma management and outcomes in Australia: A nation-wide telephone interview surveyMarks, G.; Abramson, M.; Jenkins, C.; Kenny, P.; Mellis, C.; Ruffin, R.; Stosic, R.; Toelle, B.; Wilson, D.; Xuan, W.
2007Morbidity and mortality during heatwaves in metropolitan AdelaideNitschke, M.; Tucker, G.; Bi, P.
2008Oral health services provided in private sector: how much of it fits in with the national oral health strategy and national oral health needs?Lalloo, R.
2001Growth of specific muscle strength between 6 and 18 years in contrasting socioeconomic conditionsHenneberg, M.; Brush, G.; Harrison, G.
1997The Apert syndrome hand: pathologic anatomy and clinical manifestationsHolten, I.; Smith, A.; Bourne, A.; David, D.
1996Identification, expression, and biochemical characterization of N-acetylgalactosamine-4-sulfatase mutations and relationship with clinical phenotype in MPS-VI patientsLitjens, T.; Brooks, D.; Peters, C.; Gibson, G.; Hopwood, J.