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2016Bioactive polyphenol interactions with β amyloid: a comparison of binding modelling, effects on fibril and aggregate formation and neuroprotective capacityDas, S.; Stark, L.; Musgrave, I.; Pukala, T.; Smid, S.
2018Hybrid ⁹⁹mTc-magnetite tracer for dual modality sentinel lymph node mappingCousins, A.; Tsopelas, C.; Balalis, G.; Thompson, S.; Bartholomeusz, D.; Wedding, A.; Thierry, B.
2012The Transcription factor encyclopediaYusuf, D.; Olechnowicz, S.; Peet, D.
2001Growth-hormone-stimulated dentinogenesis in Lewis dwarf rat molarsYoung, W.; Li, H.; Xiao, Y.; Waters, M.; Bartold, P.
2001Small shifts in craniotomy position in the lateral fluid percussion injury model are associated with differential lesion developmentVink, R.; Mullins, P.; Temple, M.; Bao, W.; Faden, A.
1995Gene duplication of the human peptide YY gene (PYY) generated the pancreatic polypeptide gene (PPY) on chromosome 17q21.1Hort, Y.; Baker, E.; Sutherland, G.; Shine, J.; Herzog, H.
2005Effect of CO2 on LPS-induced cytokine responses in rat alveolar macrophagesLang, C.; Dong, P.; Hosszu, E.; Doyle, I.
2011Identification of a microRNA that activates gene expression by repressing nonsense-mediated RNA decayBruno, I.; Karam, R.; Huang, L.; Bhardwaj, A.; Lou, C.; Shum, E.; Song, H.; Corbett, M.; Gifford, W.; Gecz, J.; Pfaff, S.; Wilkinson, M.
2011Probiotic factors partially improve parameters of 5-fluorouracil-induced intestinal mucositis in ratsPrisciandaro, L.; Geier, M.; Butler, R.; Cummins, A.; Howarth, G.
1997Gasless laparoscopy may reduce the risk of port-site metastases following laparoscopic tumor surgeryWatson, D.; Mathew, G.; Ellis, T.; Baigrie, C.; Rofe, A.; Jamieson, G.