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2010Home haemodialysis in Australia - is the wheel turning full circle?Agar, J.; Hawley, C.; George, C.; Mathew, T.; McDonald, S.; Kerr, P.
2004Obesity is a risk factor for peritonitis in the Australian and New Zealand peritoneal dialysis patient populationsMcDonald, S.; Collins, J.; Rumpsfeld, M.; Johnson, D.
2007Optimising reproductive and child health outcomes by building evidence-based research and practice in South East Asia (SEA-ORCHID): study protocolHenderson-Smart, D.; Lumbiganon, P.; Festin, M.; Ho, J.; Mohammad, H.; McDonald, S.; Green, S.; Crowther, C.
2006Implementing iron management clinical practice guidelines in patients with chronic kidney disease having dialysisIrving, M.; Craig, J.; Gallagher, M.; McDonald, S.; Polkinghorne, K.; Walker, R.; Roger, S.
2007Trends in hemodialysis vascular access from the Australia and New Zealand dialysis and transplant registry (ANZDATA) 2000 to 2005Moist, L.; Chang, S.; Polkinghorne, K.; McDonald, S.
2014Pregnancy outcomes according to dialysis commencing before or after conception in women with ESRDJesudason, S.; Grace, B.; McDonald, S.
2013Peritoneal dialysis in rural AustraliaGray, N.; Grace, B.; McDonald, S.
2006Cancer incidence before and after kidney transplantationVajdic, C.; McDonald, S.; McCredie, M.; van Leeuwen, M.; Stewart, J.; Law, M.; Chapman, J.; Webster, A.; Kaldor, J.; Grulich, A.
2013Association of biocompatible peritoneal dialysis solutions with peritonitis risk, treatment, and outcomesCho, Y.; Badve, S.; Hawley, C.; McDonald, S.; Brown, F.; Boudville, N.; Bannister, K.; Clayton, P.; Johnson, D.
2014The association between body mass index and mortality in incident dialysis patientsBadve, S.; Paul, S.; Klein, K.; Clayton, P.; Hawley, C.; Brown, F.; Boudville, N.; Polkinghorne, K.; McDonald, S.; Johnson, D.; Nugent, R.