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1996Predicting postnatal depression among pregnant womenStamp, G.; Sved-Williams, A.; Crowther, C.
1995Thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) and lung maturation: Does 200mcg TRH provide effective stimulation to the preterm pituitary gland compared with 400mcg?Crowther, C.; Haslam, R.; Hiller, J.; McGee, T.; Ryall, R.; Robinson, J.
1998Is tocolytic magnesium sulphate associated with increased total paediatric mortality?Crowther, C.; Hiller, J.; Doyle, L.; Lumley, J.; Carlin, J.
1997Lag times between blood sampling, spinning and plasma glucose estimationMcIntyre, S.; Crowther, C.; Hiller, J.; McPhee, A.
1997Australian collaborative trial of antenatal thyrotropin-releasing hormone: adverse effects at 12-month follow-upCrowther, C.; Hiller, J.; Haslam, R.; Robinson, J.
1995Evaluation of antenatal and postnatal support to overcome postnatal depression: a randomized, controlled trialStamp, G.; Sved-Williams, A.; Crowther, C.
1998Foetal intracardiac transfusion for the treatment of severe anaemia due to human parovirus B-19 infection.Goodear, M.; Hayward, C.; Crowther, C.
1995Australian collaborative clinical trial of antenatal thyrotropin releasing hormone (ACTOBAT) for prevention of neonatal respiratory disease in singletonsCrowther, C.; Hiller, J.; Haslam, R.; Robinson, J.
1996Where next for prophylaxis against pre-eclampsia?Pipkin, F.; Crowther, C.; de Swiet, M.; Duley, L.; Judd, A.; Lilford, R.; Onwude, J.; Prentice, C.; Redman, C.; Roberts, J.; Thornton, J.; Walker, J.
1995Candida tropicalis chorioamnionitisNichols, A.; Khong, T.; Crowther, C.