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2010Serum antimullerian hormone (AMH) levels are elevated in adolescent girls with polycystic ovaries and the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)Hart, R.; Doherty, D.; Norman, R.; Franks, S.; Dickinson, J.; Hickey, M.; Sloboda, D.
2008Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ agonist rosiglitazone reverses the adverse effects of diet-induced obesity on oocyte qualityHaynes, C.; Bennett, B.; Norman, R.; Robker, R.
1998Effects of Interleukin-6 on Luteinizing Hormone and IL-1B-Induced Ovulation and Steroidogenesis in the Rat OvaryVan Der Hoek, K.; Woodhouse, C.; Brannstrom, M.; Norman, R.
1996Hyperinsulinemia is common in family members of women with polycystic ovary syndromeNorman, R.; Masters, S.; Hague, W.
2002Effects of leptin administration and feed restriction on thecal leucocytes in the preovulatory rat ovary and the effects of leptin on meiotic maturation, granulosa cell proliferation, steroid hormone and PGE2 release in cultured rat ovarian folliclesDuggal, P.; Ryan, N.; Van Der Hoek, K.; Ritter, L.; Armstrong, D.; Magoffin, D.; Norman, R.
2002Expression of the long (OB-RB) and short (OB-RA) forms of the leptin receptor throughout the oestrous cycle in the mature rat ovaryDuggal, P.; Weitsman, S.; Magoffin, D.; Norman, R.
1999Colony stimulating factor-1 concentrations in blood and follicular fluid during the human menstrual cycle and ovarian stimulation: possible role in the ovulatory processShinetugs, B.; Runesson, E.; Bonello, N.; Brannstrom, M.; Norman, R.
1999Characterization of the translated products of the alternatively spliced luteinizing hormone receptor in the ovine ovary throughout the oestrous cycleBacich, D.; Earl, C.; O'Keefe, D.; Norman, R.; Rodgers, R.
2003Leptin and leptin receptor expression in the rat ovaryRyan, N.; Van Der Hoek, K.; Robertson, S.; Norman, R.
1996Inhibition of nitric oxide: effects on interleukin-1beta-enhanced ovulation rate, steroid hormones, and ovarian leukocyte distribution at ovulation in the ratBonello, N.; McKie, K.; Jasper, M.; Andrew, L.; Ross, N.; Braybon, E.; Brannstrom, M.; Norman, R.