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2008A specific anti-aire antibody reveals aire expression is restricted to medullary thymic epithelial cells and not expressed in peripheryHubert, F.; Kinkel, S.; Webster, K.; Cannon, P.; Crewther, P.; Proeitto, A.; Wu, L.; Heath, W.; Scott, H.
2008The lymphotoxin pathway regulates aire-independent expression of ectopic genes and chemokines in thymic stromal cellsSeach, N.; Ueno, T.; Fletcher, A.; Lowen, T.; Mattesich, M.; Engwerda, C.; Scott, H.; Ware, C.; Chidgey, A.; Gray, D.; Boyd, R.
2014Functional transcriptome analysis of the postnatal brain of the Ts1Cje mouse model for Down syndrome reveals global disruption of interferon-related molecular networksLing, K.; Hewitt, C.; Tan, K.; Cheah, P.; Vidyadaran, S.; Lai, M.; Lee, H.; Simpson, K.; Hyde, L.; Pritchard, M.; Smyth, G.; Thomas, T.; Scott, H.
2015HENMT1 and piRNA stability are required for adult male germ cell transposon repression and to define the spermatogenic program in the mouseLim, S.; Qu, Z.; Kortschak, R.; Lawrence, D.; Geoghegan, J.; Hempfling, A.; Bergmann, M.; Goodnow, C.; Ormandy, C.; Wong, L.; Mann, J.; Scott, H.; Jamsai, D.; Adelson, D.; O'Bryan, M.; Frye, M.
2008An integrated genetic and functional analysis of the role of type II transmembrane serine proteases (TMPRSSs) in hearing lossGuipponi, M.; Toh, M.; Tan, J.; Park, D.; Hanson, K.; Ballana, E.; Kwong, D.; Cannon, P.; Wu, Q.; Gout, A.; Delorenzi, M.; Speed, T.; Smith, R.; Dahl, H.; Petersen, M.; Teasdale, R.; Estivill, X.; Park, W.; Scott, H.
2009Reduced thymic aire expression and abnormal NF-κB2 signaling in a model of systemic autoimmunityFletcher, A.; Seach, N.; Reiseger, J.; Lowen, T.; Hammett, M.; Scott, H.; Boyd, R.
2008Expression of aire and the early wave of apoptosis in spermatogenesisSchaller, C.; Wang, C.; Beck-Engeser, G.; Goss, L.; Scott, H.; Anderson, M.; Wabl, M.
2009Metallophilic macrophages are fully developed in the thymus of autoimmune regulator (Aire)-deficient miceMilcevic, N.; Milicevic, Z.; Milkovic, M.; Labudovic-Borovic, M.; Laan, M.; Peterson, P.; Kisand, K.; Scott, H.; Qu, N.; Westermann, J.
2008AIRE'S CARD revealed, a new structure for the central tolerance provokes transcriptional plasticityFerguson, B.; Alexander, C.; Rossi, S.; Liiv, I.; Rebane, A.; Worth, C.; Wong, J.; Laan, M.; Peterson, P.; Jenkinson, E.; Anderson, G.; Scott, H.; Cooke, A.; Rich, T.
2011Tmprss3, a transmembrane serine protease deficient in human DFNB8/10 deafness, is critical for cochlear hair cell survival at the onset of hearingFasquelle, L.; Scott, H.; Lenoir, M.; Wang, J.; Rebillard, G.; Gaboyard, S.; Venteo, S.; Francois, F.; Masset-Bonnefont, A.; Antonarakis, S.; Neidhart, E.; Chabbert, C.; Puel, J.; Guipponi, M.; Delprat, B.