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2016Naturally derived iron oxide nanowires from bacteria for magnetically triggered drug release and cancer hyperthermia in 2D and 3D culture environments: bacteria Bbiofilm to potent cancer therapeuticKumeria, T.; Maher, S.; Wang, Y.; Kaur, G.; Wang, L.; Erkelens, M.; Forward, P.; Lambert, M.; Evdokiou, A.; Losic, D.
1995Enforced expression of full length c-Myb leads to density dependent transformation of murine haemopoietic cellsFerrao, P.; Macmillan, E.; Ashman, L.; Gonda, T.
2016CXCR5⁺ follicular cytotoxic T cells control viral infection in B cell folliclesLeong, Y.; Chen, Y.; Ong, H.; Wu, D.; Man, K.; Deleage, C.; Minnich, M.; Meckiff, B.; Wei, Y.; Hou, Z.; Zotos, D.; Fenix, K.; Atnerkar, A.; Preston, S.; Chipman, J.; Beilman, G.; Allison, C.; Sun, L.; Wang, P.; Xu, J.; et al.
2002Regulation of pacemaker frequency in the murine gastric antrumKim, T.; Spencer, E.; Hanna, R.; Koh, S.; Ordog, T.; Ward, S.; Sanders, K.
2005Human trabecular bone-derived osteoblasts support human osteoclast formation in vitro in a defined, serum-free mediumAtkins, G.; Kostakis, P.; Welldon, K.; Vincent, C.; Findlay, D.; Zannettino, A.
2006TWEAK is a novel arthritogenic mediatorPerper, S.; Browning, B.; Burkly, L.; Weng, S.; Gao, C.; Giza, K.; Su, L.; Tarilonte, L.; Crowell, T.; Rajman, L.; Runkel, L.; Scott, M.; Atkins, G.; Findlay, D.; Zheng, T.; Hess, H.
2005A pH-sensitive potassium conductance (TASK) and its function in the murine gastrointestinal tractCho, S.; Spencer, E.; Baker, S.; Han, I.; Park, K.; Monaghan, K.; Ward, S.; Sanders, K.; Koh, S.
2011Stimulating healthy tissue regeneration by targeting the 5-HT₂B receptor in chronic liver diseaseEbrahimkhani, M.; Oakley, F.; Murphy, L.; Mann, J.; Moles, A.; Perugorria, M.; Ellis, E.; Lakey, A.; Burt, A.; Douglass, A.; Wright, M.; White, S.; Jaffre, F.; Maroteaux, L.; Mann, D.
2008Osteal tissue macrophages are intercalated throughout human and mouse bone lining tissues and regulate osteoblast function in vitro and in vivoChang, M.; Raggatt, L.; Alexander, K.; Kuliwaba, J.; Fazzalari, N.; Schroder, K.; Maylin, E.; Ripoll, V.; Hume, D.; Pettit, A.
2003A role for macrophage inflammatory protein-3 a/CC chemokine ligand 20 in immune priming during T cell-mediated inflammation of the central nervous systemKohler, R.; Caon, A.; Willenborg, D.; Clark-Lewis, I.; McColl, S.