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1998Treatment with Anti-Granulocyte Antobodies Inhibits the Effector Phase of Experimental Autoimmune EnvephalomyelitisMcColl, S.; Staykova, M.; Wozniak, A.; Fordham, S.; Bruce, J.; Willenborg, D.
2006Novel approach to inhibit asthma-mediated lung inflammation using anti-CD147 interventionGwinn, W.; Damsker, J.; Falahati, R.; Okwumabua, I.; Kelly-Welch, A.; Keegan, A.; Vanpouille, C.; Lee, J.; Dent, L.; Leitenberg, D.; Bukrinsky, M.; Constant, S.
2006A recombinant probiotic for treatment and prevention of choleraFocareta, A.; Paton, J.; Morona, R.; Cook, J.; Paton, A.
2005Differential PsaA-, PspA-, PspC-, and PdB-specific immune responses in a mouse model of pneumococcal carriagePalaniappan, R.; Singh, S.; Singh, U.; Sakthivel, S.; Ades, E.; Briles, D.; Hollingshead, S.; Paton, J.; Sampson, J.; Lillard Jr., J.
2009Aire-Deficient C57BL/6 Mice Mimicking the Common Human 13-Base Pair Deletion Mutation Present with Only a Mild Autoimmune PhenotypeHubert, F.; Kinkel, S.; Crewther, P.; Cannon, P.; Webster, K.; Link, M.; Uibo, R.; O'Bryan, M.; Meager, A.; Forehan, S.; Smyth, G.; Mittaz, L.; Antonarakis, S.; Peterson, P.; Heath, W.; Scott, H.
2013Linaclotide inhibits colonic nociceptors and relieves abdominal pain via guanylate cyclase-c and extracellular cyclic guanosine 3′,5′-monophosphateCastro, J.; Harrington, A.; Hughes, P.; Martin, C.; Ge, P.; Shea, C.; Jin, H.; Jacobson, S.; Hannig, G.; Mann, E.; Cohen, M.; MacDougall, J.; Lavins, B.; Kurtz, C.; Silos-Santiago, I.; Johnston, J.; Blackshaw, L.; Brierley, S.
1998Establishment of a reproducible model of chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia in NOD/SCID mice using blood-derived mononuclear or CD34+ cellsLewis, I.; McDiarmid, L.; Samels, L.; To, L.; Hughes, T.
2001Inhibition of transformed cell growth and induction of cellular differentiation by pyroxamide, an inhibitor of histone deacetylaseButler, L.; Webb, Y.; Agus, D.; Higgins, B.; Tolentino, T.; Kutko, M.; LaQuaglia, M.; Drobnjak, M.; Cordon-Cardo, C.; Scher, H.; Breslow, R.; Richon, V.; Rifkind, R.; Marks, P.
2006Hexadecylphosphocholine (Miltefosine) has broad-spectrum fungicidal activity and is efficacious in a mouse model of cryptococcosisWidmer, F.; Wright, L.; Obando, D.; Handke, R.; Ganendren, R.; Ellis, D.; Sorrell, T.
2007Anti-inflammatory effects of zinc and alterations in zinc transporter mRNA in mouse models of allergic inflammationLang, C.; Murgia, C.; Leong, M.; Tan, L.; Perozzi, G.; Knight, D.; Ruffin, R.; Zalewski, P.