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2010A direct interaction with NEDD1 regulates ╬│-tubulin recruitment to the centrosomeManning, J.; Shalini, S.; Risk, J.; Day, C.; Kumar, S.
2017Deletion of Nedd4-2 results in progressive kidney disease in miceHenshall, T.; Manning, J.; Alfassy, O.; Goel, P.; Boase, N.; Kawabe, H.; Kumar, S.
2011Ndfip1-deficient mice have impaired DMT1 regulation and iron homeostasisFoot, N.; Leong, Y.; Dorstyn, L.; Dalton, H.; Ho, K.; Zhao, L.; Garrick, M.; Yang, B.; Hiwase, D.; Kumar, S.
2017Caspase-2-mediated cell death is required for deleting aneuploid cellsDawar, S.; Lim, Y.; Puccini, J.; White, M.; Thomas, P.; Bouchier-Hayes, L.; Green, D.; Dorstyn, L.; Kumar, S.
2012Ndfip1 regulates nuclear Pten import in vivo to promote neuronal survival following cerebral ischemiaHowitt, J.; Lackovic, J.; Low, L.; Naguib, A.; Macintyre, A.; Goh, C.; Callaway, J.; Hammond, V.; Thomas, T.; Dixon, M.; Putz, U.; Silke, J.; Bartlett, P.; Yang, B.; Kumar, S.; Trotman, L.; Tan, S.
2014An unexpected role for caspase-2 in neuroblastomaDorstyn, L.; Puccini, J.; Nikolic, A.; Shalini, S.; Wilson, C.; Norris, M.; Haber, M.; Kumar, S.
2012Caspase-2 deficiency promotes aberrant DNA-damage response and genetic instabilityDorstyn, L.; Puccini, J.; Wilson, C.; Shalini, S.; Nicola, M.; Moore, S.; Kumar, S.
2013Loss of caspase-2 augments lymphomagenesis and enhances genomic instability in Atm-deficient micePuccini, J.; Shalini, S.; Voss, A.; Gatei, M.; Wilson, C.; Hiwase, D.; Lavin, M.; Dorstyn, L.; Kumar, S.
2013Renal tubular NEDD4-2 deficiency causes NCC-mediated salt-dependent hypertensionRonzaud, C.; Loffing-Cueni, D.; Hausel, P.; Debonneville, A.; Malsure, S.; Fowler-Jaeger, N.; Boase, N.; Perrier, R.; Maillard, M.; Yang, B.; Stokes, J.; Koesters, R.; Kumar, S.; Hummler, E.; Loffing, J.; Staub, O.
2015Age-related proteostasis and metabolic alterations in Caspase-2-deficient miceWilson, C.; Shalini, S.; Filipovska, A.; Richman, T.; Davies, S.; Martin, S.; McGee, S.; Puccini, J.; Nikolic, A.; Dorstyn, L.; Kumar, S.; Raschellà, G.