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2012The 20th anniversary of interleukin-2 therapy: Bimodal role explaining longstanding random induction of complete clinical responsesCoventry, B.; Ashdown, M.
2007A 2a/1b full-length p7 inter-genotypic chimeric genome of hepatitis C virus is infectious in vitroHaqshenas, G.; Dong, X.; Ewart, G.; Bowden, S.; Gowans, E.
19965-ASA decreases colonic sulfide formation: implications for ulcerative colitis.Roediger, W.; Duncan, A.
2006ABBI biopsy - the patients' perspectiveDobbins, C.; Walsh, D.; Humeniuk, R.; Parkyn, R.; Walters, D.
2010Abdominal adhesion prevention, time to change our everyday practice?Lauder, C.; Strickland, A.; Maddern, G.
2010Abdominal adhesion prevention: Still a sticky subject?Lauder, C.; Garcea, G.; Strickland, A.; Maddern, G.
2006Abdominal and right thoracic subtotal esophagectomyMaddern, G.
1995Abdominal wall metastasis following laparoscopic gastroenterostomy. (Letter)Watson, David Ian
2006Abdominopelvic ultrasoundWalters, D.; Gormly, K.
2010Aberrant mucin glycoprotein patterns of chronic rhinosinusitis patients with bacterial biofilmsTan, L.; Psaltis, A.; Baker, L.; McGuckin, M.; Rousseau, K.; Wormald, P.
2006Ablative therapy of malignant liver neoplasm - In replyMaddern, G.
1998The accuracy of breast ultrasound in the evaluation of clinically benign discrete, symptomatic breast lumpsLister, D.; Evans, A.; Burrell, H.; Blamey, R.; Wilson, A.; Pinder, S.; Ellis, I.; Elston, C.; Kollias, J.
2012Accuracy of PET-CT in predicting survival in patients with esophageal cancerBrown, C.; Howes, B.; Jamieson, G.; Bartholomeusz, D.; Zingg, U.; Sullivan, T.; Thompson, S.
2008Acquiring and Maintaining Competence in the Application of Extrication Cervical Collars by a Group of First RespondersIreland, C.; Zeitz, K.; Bridgewater, F.
2008Activation of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor promotes allograft-specific tolerance through direct and dendritic cell–mediated effects on regulatory T cellsHauben, E.; Gregori, S.; Draghici, E.; Migliavacca, B.; Olivieri, S.; Woisetschlager, M.; Roncarolo, M.
1999The activity of caspase-3-like proteases is elevated during the development of colorectal carcinoma.Leonardos, L.; Butler, L.; Hewett, P.; Zalewski, P.; Cowled, P.
1997Acute presentation of meningioma due to haemorrhage following a motor vehicle accidentJones, Nigel R.; Forrest, G. N.; Scott, Grace
2004Acute ruptured esophageal duplication cystNeo, Eu Ling; Watson, David Ian; Bessell, Justin Raymond
2002Acute superficial venous thrombophlebitis: does emergency surgery have a role?Beatty, J.; Fitridge, R.; Benveniste, G.; Greenstein, D.
2019Acute surgical unit improves outcomes in appendicectomyKinnear, N.; Bramwell, E.; Frazzetto, A.; Noll, A.; Patel, P.; Hennessey, D.; Otto, G.; Dobbins, C.; Sammour, T.; Moore, J.