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2013Isolated limb infusion chemotherapy for melanoma: an overview of early experience at the Adelaide Melanoma UnitGiles, M.; Coventry, B.
2012The 20th anniversary of interleukin-2 therapy: Bimodal role explaining longstanding random induction of complete clinical responsesCoventry, B.; Ashdown, M.
2009CRP identifies homeostatic immune oscillations in cancer patients: a potential treatment targeting tool?Coventry, B.; Ashdown, M.; Quinn, M.; Markovic, S.; Yatomi-Clarke, S.; Robinson, A.
2006Method for treating Stage IV MelanomaCoventry, B.; Hersey, P.; Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd
2002LymphoscintigraphyThompson, J.; Uren, R.; Coventry, B.; Chatterton, B.
2003A skin lesion in a 73-year-old manCoventry, B.
2012Adjuvant radiotherapy versus observation alone for patients at risk of lymph-node field relapse after therapeutic lymphadenectomy for melanoma: a randomised trialBurmeister, B.; Henderson, M.; Ainslie, J.; Fisher, R.; Di Iulio, J.; Smithers, B.; Hong, A.; Shannon, K.; Scolyer, R.; Carruthers, S.; Coventry, B.; Babington, S.; Duprat, J.; Hoekstra, H.; Thompson, J.
2012Metastasectomy for distant metastatic melanoma: analysis of data from the First Multicenter Selective Lymphadenectomy Trial (MSLT-I)Howard, J.; Thompson, J.; Mozzillo, N.; Nieweg, O.; Hoekstra, H.; Roses, D.; Sondak, V.; Reintgen, D.; Kashani-Sabet, M.; Karakousis, C.; Coventry, B.; Kraybill, W.; Smithers, B.; Elashoff, R.; Stern, S.; Cochran, A.; Faries, M.; Morton, D.
2004Reply to Mohty et al.: Dysfunctional DC subgroups in human cancersCoventry, B.; Heinzel, S.
2004Reply : Is CDI a involved in antitumour immune responses during carcinogenesis?Coventry, B.; Heinzel, S.