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Type: Journal article
Title: A new CO₂-resistant Ruddlesden-Popper oxide with superior oxygen transport: A-site deficient (Pr₀.₉La₀.₁)₁.₉(Ni₀.₇₄Cu₀.₂₁Ga₀.₀₅)O₄₊ổ
Other Titles: A new CO(2)-resistant Ruddlesden-Popper oxide with superior oxygen transport: A-site deficient (Pr(0).(9)La(0).(1))(1).(9)(Ni(0).(74)Cu(0).(21)Ga(0).(05))O(4+)o
Author: Xue, J.
Liao, Q.
Chen, W.
Bouwmeester, H.
Wang, H.
Feldhoff, A.
Citation: Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2015; 3(37):19107-19114
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Issue Date: 2015
ISSN: 2050-7488
Statement of
Jian Xue, Qing Liao, Wei Chen, Henny J.M. Bouwmeester, Haihui Wang and Armin Feldhoff
Abstract: A-site deficient (Pr₀.₉La₀.₁)₁.₉Ni₀.₇₄Cu₀.₂₁Ga₀.₀₅O₄₊ổ ((PL)₁.₉NCG), with the K₂NiF₄ structure, is found to exhibit higher oxygen transport rates compared with its cation-stoichiometric parent phase. A stable oxygen permeation flux of 4.6 × 10⁻⁷ mol cm⁻² s⁻¹ at 900 °C at a membrane thickness of 0.6 mm is measured, using either helium or pure CO₂ as sweep gas at a flow rate of 30 mL min⁻¹ The oxygen flux is more than two times higher than that observed through A-site stoichiometric (PL)₂.₀NCG membranes operated under similar conditions. The high oxygen transport rates found for (PL)₁.₉NCG are attributed to highly mobile oxygen vacancies, compensating A-site deficiency. The high stability against carbonation gives (PL)₁.₉NCG potential for use, e.g., as a membrane in oxy-fuel combustion processes with CO₂ capture
Rights: © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2015
DOI: 10.1039/c5ta02514a
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