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Type: Journal article
Title: Semi-metallic polymers
Author: Bubnova, O.
Khan, Z.
Wang, H.
Braun, S.
Evans, D.
Fabretto, M.
Hojati-Talemi, P.
Dagnelund, D.
Arlin, J.
Geerts, Y.
Desbief, S.
Breiby, D.
Andreasen, J.
Lazzaroni, R.
Chen, W.
Zozoulenko, I.
Fahlman, M.
Murphy, P.
Berggren, M.
Crispin, X.
Citation: Nature Materials, 2014; 13(2):190-194
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Issue Date: 2014
ISSN: 1476-1122
Statement of
Olga Bubnova, Zia Ullah Khan, Hui Wang, Slawomir Braun, Drew R. Evans, Manrico Fabretto, Pejman Hojati-Talemi, Daniel Dagnelund, Jean-Baptiste Arlin, Yves H. Geerts, Simon Desbief, Dag W. Breiby, Jens W. Andreasen, Roberto Lazzaroni, Weimin M. Chen, Igor Zozoulenko, Mats Fahlman, Peter J. Murphy, Magnus Berggren, Xavier Crispin
Abstract: Polymers are lightweight, flexible, solution-processable materials that are promising for low-cost printed electronics as well as for mass-produced and large-area applications. Previous studies demonstrated that they can possess insulating, semiconducting or metallic properties; here we report that polymers can also be semi-metallic. Semi-metals, exemplified by bismuth, graphite and telluride alloys, have no energy bandgap and a very low density of states at the Fermi level. Furthermore, they typically have a higher Seebeck coefficient and lower thermal conductivities compared with metals, thus being suitable for thermoelectric applications. We measure the thermoelectric properties of various poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) samples, and observe a marked increase in the Seebeck coefficient when the electrical conductivity is enhanced through molecular organization. This initiates the transition from a Fermi glass to a semi-metal. The high Seebeck value, the metallic conductivity at room temperature and the absence of unpaired electron spins makes polymer semi-metals attractive for thermoelectrics and spintronics.
Keywords: Condensed-matter physics; electronic properties and materials; polymers
Rights: © 2014 Macmillan Publishers Limited. All rights reserved.
RMID: 0030016645
DOI: 10.1038/nmat3824
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