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Type: Journal article
Title: Determinations of Vus using inclusive hadronic τ decay data
Other Titles: Determinations of Vus using inclusive hadronic tau decay data
Author: Maltman, K.
Hudspith, R.
Lewis, R.
Izubuchi, T.
Ohki, H.
Zanotti, J.
Citation: Modern Physics Letters A, 2016; 31(29):1630030-1-1630030-15
Publisher: World Scientific
Issue Date: 2016
ISSN: 0217-7323
Statement of
Kim Maltman, Renwick James Hudspith, Randy Lewis, Taku Izubuchi, Hiroshi Ohki, James M. Zanotti
Abstract: Two methods for determining |Vus| employing inclusive hadronic τ decay data are discussed. The first is the conventional flavor-breaking sum rule determination whose usual implementation produces results ˜ 3σ low compared to three-family unitary expectations. The second is a novel approach combining experimental strange hadronic τ distributions with lattice light-strange current-current two-point function data. Preliminary explorations of the latter show the method promises |Vus| determinations competitive with those from Kℓ3 and Γ[Kμ2]/Γ[πμ2]. For the former, systematic issues in the conventional implementation are investigated. Unphysical dependences of |Vus| on the choice of sum rule weight, w, and upper limit, s0, of the weighted experimental spectral integrals are observed, the source of these problems identified and a new implementation which overcomes these problems developed. Lattice results are shown to provide a tool for quantitatively assessing truncation uncertainties for the slowly converging D = 2 OPE series. The results for |Vus| from this new implementation are shown to be free of unphysical w- and s0-dependences, and ˜ 0.0020 higher than those produced by the conventional implementation. With preliminary new Kπ branching fraction results as input, we find |Vus| in excellent agreement with that obtained from Kℓ3, and compatible within errors with expectations from three-family unitarity.
Keywords: CKM; sum rules; τ decay
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RMID: 0030054978
DOI: 10.1142/S0217732316300305
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