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Type: Journal article
Title: 山地自然灾害、风险管理与避灾扶贫移民搬迁
Author: Chen, C.
Tan, Y.
Mao, C.
Citation: 灾害学 [Journal of Catastrophology], 2013; 28(2):136-142
Publisher: China Academic Journal Publishing House
Issue Date: 2013
ISSN: 1000-811X
Statement of
陈勇, 谭燕, 茆长宝
Abstract: 摘要: 山地自然灾害多发频发是山地自然环境和人文环境脆弱性所共同决定。加强山地自然灾害风险管理是 山区政府和群众面临的一项重要任务。在山地自然灾害风险管理中,一项重要措施就是实施避灾移民搬迁计划。 作为灾害移民的一种形式,避灾移民搬迁较其它防灾减灾措施,具有诸多优势。我国是一个山地国家,大量人 口居住在山区,众多聚落分布于自然灾害风险区和隐患点上。与平原和大城市相比,山区经济基础薄弱、贫困 人口众多、居民承灾能力差、抗灾能力弱、灾害脆弱性高。为了从根本上缓解自然灾害风险压力、减轻国家的 救灾负担、跳出受灾- 贫困- 扶贫- 再受灾- 再贫困- 再扶贫的怪圈,建议国家在山区进行自然灾害风险区和 隐患点普查的基础上,有计划分阶段逐步实施山区避灾扶贫移民搬迁计划。= Biophysical and social vulnerability has been a major factor causing severe and frequent natural disasters in the mountainous regions of China. A major challenge facing inhabitants living there is to enhance risk management through promoting disaster-preventive and poverty-alleviating resettlement. Compared with disaster-induced migration,disaster preventive resettlement has particular advantages,hereby reducing casualties and damages. In China many people living in mountains are rural residents with settlements being widely distributed at locations at most risk of natural disasters. Due to historical reasons and poor accessibility to infrastructure and social services,mountain inhabitants have been extremely vulnerable to disasters and difficult for them to recover from natural catastrophes. In order to manage natural hazards effectively and break the vicious circle of disaster-poverty poverty alleviating-disaster-poverty again,the study suggests that an overall plan for moving rural inhabitants out of mountainous localities at high risk of disasters need to be in place and implemented gradually in China.
Keywords: 关键词: 山地; 自然灾害; 脆弱性; 风险管理; 避灾扶贫移民搬迁
mountains; natural hazard; vulnerability; risk management; disaster-preventive and poverty-alleviating resettlement
Description: Title: Mountain Hazards, Risk Management, Disaster - preventive and Poverty-alleviating Resettlement
Rights: ©China Academic Journal Publishing House 2013
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