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Type: Text
Title: Part I, Series J, Section 5: 1932
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Maude re promotion, letters from Grimble, HEM's request to sit Higher Gilbertese exam, appointment to sit exam from secretary to Res. Commissioner, HEM encloses 3 copies of an article published in Journal of the Polynesian Society, Bryan writes to HEM re publications of Bernice P.Bishop Museum, Hawaii and cheque, Extract from despatch: Grimble to HEM re acknowledgement of his work, Gilbert Archey writes to HEM thanking the Maudes for gifts to Auckland Museum, HEM writes to Skinner re publications in Journal, letter to HEM from Joint Editor Polynesian Society, Skinner to the Maudes re visit to Dunedin, letter re despatch of High Commissioner re HEM’s bravery, Dominion Museum director Oliver to HEM, HEM to Oliver, Regulations U. of Cambridge, Priestly to Maude re research student position at Cambridge, Memo to research students, Annual Report of the Board of Research Studies, letters between Hodson and HEM. HEM to Board of Research Studies, Priestly to Hodson, letter to HEM from Master at Jesus College, Maude to Bryan, Bernice P.Bishop Museum Hawaii. Letters between Skinner, University Museum Dunedin and HEM, Swinbourne (Acting Resident Commissioner) writes to to Acting High Commissioner, Western Pacific High Commission Gazette, Librarian, Public Library Palmerston North NZ writes to HEM.
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