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dc.description.abstractTo Maude from Sir E. John Russell at Rothamstead Experimental Station To Maude from J.R. Gilmour, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, To Gilmour from Maude, exchange between Maude and Burns Philp, To Sec to Government from Maude, Maxwell-Anderson to Res. Commissioner, Paddy Macdonald to Maude, Maude to Sec, WPHC Suva, Buck to Maude, Telegram Maude to Sec. of State, Col. Office, London Maude to Under-Sec. of State, To Maude from Judd, Honolulu Medical reports re Maude, To Maude from G. Archey, Auckland, Maude CV written by Honor, letter exchange between Fisher and Maude, Kingsley Roth to Maude, letter exchange between Maude and Haddon, letter exchange between McElderry and HEM, Telegram from Wete? to Maude, coded telegrams, To Maude from Buck 2p., to Buck from Maude 6p., letter to HEM from E. John Maude, Maude to Provincial Commissioner, Zanzibar, Telegrams between Grimble and HEM, Telegrams between Prov. Commissioner and HEM, Elkin to the Maudes, Letter to the Maudes from Grimble, letters between Maude and McElderry-
dc.format.extent144 p.-
dc.subject.otherGeneral correspondence, personal papers H.E.Maude (Henry Evans) 1906-2006, Arthur Grimble, Paddy Macdonald, P.H. Buck, Director Bernice P.Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Gilbert Archey, Director Auckland Institute and Museum.-
dc.titlePart I, Series J, Section 9: 1936en
dc.identifier.callnumMSS 0003-
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