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Type: Text
Title: Part I, Series J, Section 11: 1938
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Letter exchange between HEM and GK Roth, HEM to Armstrong, AF Richards to Maude and typed copy, Barley to Honor Maude, Report by HEM re Nauru, Request Barley to HEM, HEM to Ellis, E.G. Lee to HEM, receipt and notices, Postcard, letter, M.Titcomb to HEM, Postcard, Stechert and Co. to MT, letters Angus and Robertson to MT and MT to HEM, Memo HEM to Acting Sec. to Govt A. Ellis, JHK Langley to Maude . J.W. Jones to Maude, Memo HEM to Ellis, HEM to Chief Sec.Zanzibar, HEM to Eastman, Report from Holland re Gilbertese Spelling, Rules for Gilbertese Spelling, E.G.Lee to HEM, Telegram Res. Commissioner to Director, War Memorial Museum Auckland JM Ross to HEM 2p. Memo HEM to Ellis 8p. HEM to Ellis and Statutory Declaration re birth of son 2p. HEM to Archey, Auckland 2p. HEM to MT 4p. JM Ross to HEM 3p., JL Grumbridge to JM Ross 3p. JM Ross to HEM 2p., JM Ross to HEM 1p., L Grumbridge to JM Ross 2p. Telegram to HEM from Res. Commissioner 1p./reply HEM to Acting Res. Commissioner 1p. Carl Schuster to HEM and 1 photo 4p.
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