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2001Postgraduate Writing: Using Intersecting Genres in a Collaborative, Content-Based ProgramCargill, M.; Cadman, K.; McGowan, U.
2002Lessons for onshore ESL from offshore scientific writing workshopsCargill, M.
2003Knowing that the other knows: using experience and reflection to enhance communication in cross-cultural postgraduate supervisory relationshipsAdams, K.; Cargill, M.; Bond, C.; Bright, P.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (26th : 2003 : Christchurch, NZ)
2000Critical perspectives on ESL in the tertiary sector: Workshopping the views of TESOL lecturersCadman, K.; Adams, K.; Cargill, M.; Munday, K.; Warner, R.; Yong, E.; Crosling, G.; Moore, T.; Vance, S.; National Language and Academic Skills Conference (1999 : Melbourne, Australia)
2006Getting research published in English: Towards a curriculum design model for developing skills and enhancing outcomesCargill, M.; O'Connor, P.
2004Transferable skills within research degrees: a collaborative genre-based approach to developing publication skills and its implications for research educationCargill, M.
1996A collaborating colleague model for inducting international engineering students into the language and culture of a foreign research environmentMcGowan, U.; Seton, J.; Cargill, M.
1996An Integrated Bridging Program for International Postgraduate StudentsCargill, M.
2006Teaching English as a foreign language in China: Reflections on the relevance of identity issuesCargill, M.
2000Intercultural postgraduate supervision meetings: an exploratory discourse studyCargill, M.