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2001Evaluation of the postgraduate research experience: A proposed model for Adelaide UniversityKiley, Margaret Mary; Mullins, Gerald Patrick; Student feedback on teaching: Reflections and projections (28 August 2000 : Perth, Australia)
2005Divine Discourse: Plagiarism, hybridity and epistemological racism.Cadman, K.; International Conference on Language, Education & Diversity (1st : 2003 : University of Waikato)
2001Research Development: Adopting a Partnership ModelNaidoo, K.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (24th : 2001 : Newcastle NSW Australia)
2002Synthesis and preliminary analytical evaluation of the chemiluminescence from (4-[4-(dichloromethylsilanyl)-butyl]-4'-methyl-2 2'-bipyridyl)bis(2 2'-bipyridyl))ruthenium(II) covalently bonded to silica particlesBarnett, N.; Bos, R.; Brand, H.; Jones, P.; Lim, K.; Purcell, S.; Russell, R.
2005Impact of student support services and academic development programmes on student outcomes in undergraduate tertiary study: a synthesis of the researchPrebble, Tom; Hargraves, Helen; Leach, Linda; Naidoo, Kogilam; Suddaby, Gordon; Zepke, Nick
2004No end in sight: information skills for academics and researchersWhite, B.; Gendall, R.; Naidoo, K.; International Lifelong Learning Conference (3rd : 13 - 16 June 2004 : Yeppoon, Central Queensland, Australia)
2005Are the Chunks Properly Digested? The Use of Corpus Studies to Facilitate the Learning of Academic EnglishPicard, M.; TESOL Arabia Conference (11th : 2005 : Dubai, U.A.E.)
2000The outcomes of an international education for Indonesian graduates: the third place?Cannon, Robert Anthony
2008Teachers and dictionaries in Australia: Is there a need to train the trainers?Miller, J.
2001Postgraduate Writing: Using Intersecting Genres in a Collaborative, Content-Based ProgramCargill, M.; Cadman, K.; McGowan, U.