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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20052020 vision: An information literacy continuum for students primary school to post graduationWillison, J.; O'Regan, K.; Brew, A.; Asmar, C.; Conference of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (2005 : Sydney, Australia)
2013A characterisation of the planes meeting a non-singular quadric of PG(4,Q) in a conicButler, D.
1996A collaborating colleague model for inducting international engineering students into the language and culture of a foreign research environmentMcGowan, U.; Seton, J.; Cargill, M.
2006A pilot discussion board for questions about referencing: What do students say and do?Goldfinch, M.; Grigg, G.; Bond, C.; Supporting Learning the Twenty- Century (15 Nov 2006 : Dunedin, NZ)
2001A problem-based learning approach to science teacher preparationPeterson, R.; Treagust, D.; Lavoie, D.; Roth, W.
2003A Provisional Thumbs Up to New Zealand Bank Call CentresSayers, J.; Barney, A.; Page, C.; Naidoo, K.
2005Academic integrity: An awareness and development issue for students and staffMcGowan, U.
2010Academic practice and the purpose of higher education: What is the role of professional societies such as HERDSA?Crisp, Geoffrey Thomas; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (33rd : 2010 : Melbourne, Australia); HERDSA 2010
2009Academic self-efficacy in ALL: Capacity-building through self-beliefHabel, C.
1997Action teaching in academic language classrooms: A learner-centred approach to analytical writing in EnglishCadman, K.
1997Action Teaching Student-Managed English for Academic ContextsCadman, K.; Grey, M.
2006Adapting to a changing environment: Improving the performance of evaluation servicesPalmer, E.; Bruce Shortland Jones; Evaluations and Assessment Conference (2006 : Bentley, Western Australia)
1996An Integrated Bridging Program for International Postgraduate StudentsCargill, M.
2006An investigation into the effect of English learners? dictionaries on international students' acquisition of the English article systemMiller, J.
2005Assessing the assessment: Providing meaningful and sustainable methods for maintaining quality in examsPalmer, E.; Crisp, G.; Kandlbinder Peter; Evaluations and Assessment Conference (2005 : Sydney, Australia)
2006Assessment as a key learning and teaching tool: A case study using a Business Communications courseSingh, N.; Palmer, E.; Bruce Shortland Jones; Evaluations and Assessment Conference (2006 : Bentley, Western Australia)
2017Being First in Family: motivations and metaphorsLuzeckyj, A.; McCann, B.; Graham, C.; King, S.; McCann, J.
2011Blended learning approaches to practical teaching in pharmacology: the best of both worlds?Smid, S.; Salem, A.; Musgrave, I.; ERGA Conference (6th : 2011 : Adelaide, Australia)
2001Broadening the context for teaching evaluationCannon, Robert Anthony
2009Cambridge advanced learners dictionary, Third Edition [Book review]Miller, J.