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dc.description.abstractCorrespondence re positions vacant e.g. Manager for trade scheme, the possibility of using coral in building projects, bibliography of references on Fiji, W.Samoa, Nauru and stamps of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony, British colonization of Pacific Islands, islands disputed by U.S., questions of land settlement in a defective land tenure system, (re)distribution of land in accordance with native customs, and possible overpopulation in some areas. Some letters concern shipping requirements for passengers and trade cargo between islands, an invitation to the Royal Wedding 20.11.1947, and a questionnaire and HEM's answers for the Commission on Church, Community and State.-
dc.format.extent326 p.-
dc.subject.otherCorrespondence, personal papers H.E. Maude (Henry Evans) 1906-2006, J.L.Grumbridge, philately, land settlement, trade schemes, J.D. Freeman, bibliographies, Western Samoa, Nauru,-
dc.titlePart I, Series J, Section 21: 1947 Part IIen
dc.identifier.callnumMSS 0003-
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