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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999DIV-CURL vector quasi-interpolation on a finite domainChen, F.; Suter, D.
2006A novel robust statistical method for background initialization and visual surveillanceWang, H.; Suter, D.; Asian Conference on Computer Vision (7th : 2006 : Hyderabad, India)
2007A consensus-based method for tracking: Modelling background scenario and foreground appearanceWang, H.; Suter, D.
2011Dynamic and hierarchical multi-structure geometric model fittingWong, H.; Chin, T.; Yu, J.; Suter, D.; International Conference on Computer Vision (13th : 2011 : Barcelona, Spain)
2014Fast supervised hashing with decision trees for high-dimensional dataLin, G.; Shen, C.; Shi, Q.; Van Den Hengel, A.; Suter, D.; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (2014 : Columbus, Ohio)
2012Visual tracking of numerous targets via multi-Bernoulli filtering of image dataHoseinnezhad, R.; Vo, B.; Vo, B.; Suter, D.
2013As-projective-as-possible image stitching with moving DLTHernandez Zaragoza, J.; Chin, T.; Brown, M.; Suter, D.; IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (26th : 2013 : Portland, Oregon)
20063D object pose inference via kernel principal component analysis with image euclidian distance (IMED).Tangkuampien, T.; Suter, D.; British Machine Vision Conference (17th : 2006 : Edinburgh)
2004Robust adaptive-scale parametric model estimation for computer visionWang, H.; Suter, D.
2006Background Subtraction Based on a Robust Consensus MethodWang, H.; Suter, D.; International Conference on Pattern Recognition (18th : 2006 : Hong Kong)