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2005Ordination, clustering and forecasting of phytoplankton dynamics in the Myponga drinking water reservoir by means of supervised and non-supervised artificial neural networksWelk, A.; Recknagel, F.; Burch, M.; The international congress on modelling and simulation (12 Dec 2005 - 15 Dec 2005 : Melbourne, Australia)
2002The significance of particle clustering in pulverized coal flamesSmith, N.; Nathan, G.; Zhang, D.; Nobes, D.
2000Pedestrian subsystem testing in AustraliaSpencer, S.; Anderson, R.; Streeter, L.; McLean, A.; Impact Biometrics Australia Conference: Neck Injury 2000 (16 Mar 2000 : Sydney, Australia)
2000The biomechanics of axonal injury in a sheep model of brain injuryAnderson, R.; Impact Biomechanics Australia Conference: Neck Injury 2000 (16 Mar 2000 : Sydney, Australia)
2008Complexation of 6-(4’-(toluidinyl)naphthalene-2-sulfonate by β-cyclodextrin and linked β-cyclodextrin dimmersPham, D.; Clements, P.; Easton, C.; Papageorgiou, J.; May, B.; Lincoln, S.
2008¹H NMR studies of enantioselective host–guest complexation by modified β-cyclodextrins and their europium(III) complexesPham, D.; Clements, P.; Easton, C.; Lincoln, S.
2007Predictive function and rules for population dynamics of Micyocystis aeruginosa in the regulated Nakdong River (South Korea), discovered by evolutionary algorithmsKim, B.; Cao, H.; Jeong, K.; Recknagel, F.; Joo, G.
2000Transformation of Barley Using Microprojectile Bombardment and Agrobacterium-Mediated ProceduresSingh, R.; Al-Nahdi, M.; Stewart, R.; Burton, R.; Qureshi, J.; Kemp, J.; Medhurst, A.; Basri, Z.; Gatford, K.; Gierlich, A.; Kollmorgen, J.; Fincher, G.; 8th International Barley Genetics Symposium (22 Oct 2000 : Adelaide, Australia)