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2015Improved synthesis of biotinol-5'-AMP: implications for antibacterial discoveryTieu, W.; Polyak, S.; Paparella, A.; Yap, M.; Soares Da Costa, T.; Ng, B.; Wang, G.; Lumb, R.; Bell, J.; Turnidge, J.; Wilce, M.; Booker, G.; Abell, A.
2015RootGraph: a graphic optimization tool for automated image analysis of plant rootsCai, J.; Zeng, Z.; Connor, J.; Huang, C.; Melino, V.; Kumar, P.; Miklavcic, S.
2015MnO₂ nanostructures with three-dimensional (3D) morphology replicated from diatoms for high-performance supercapacitorsLi, F.; Xing, Y.; Huang, M.; Li, K.; Yu, T.; Zhang, Y.; Losic, D.
2015The 2012 flare of PG 1553+113 seen with H.E.S.S. and Fermi-LATAbramowski, A.; Aharonian, F.; Ait Benkhali, F.; Akhperjanian, A.; Angüner, E.; Backes, M.; Balenderan, S.; Balzer, A.; Barnacka, A.; Becherini, Y.; Becker Tjus, J.; Berge, D.; Bernhard, S.; Bernlöhr, K.; Birsin, E.; Biteau, J.; Böttcher, M.; Boisson, C.; Bolmont, J.; Bordas, P.; et al.
2015Genome-wide evidence reveals that African and Eurasian golden jackals are distinct speciesKoepfli, K.; Pollinger, J.; Godinho, R.; Robinson, J.; Lea, A.; Hendricks, S.; Schweizer, R.; Thalmann, O.; Silva, P.; Fan, Z.; Yurchenko, A.; Dobrynin, P.; Makunin, A.; Cahill, J.; Shapiro, B.; Álvares, F.; Brito, J.; Geffen, E.; Leonard, J.; Helgen, K.; et al.
2015Nucleotide triphosphate promiscuity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis dethiobiotin synthetaseSalaemae, W.; Yap, M.; Wegener, K.; Booker, G.; Wilce, M.; Polyak, S.
2015Hermetic optical-fiber iodine frequency standardLight, P.; Anstie, J.; Benabid, F.; Luiten, A.
2015Mechanistic studies on the autoxidation of α-guaiene: structural diversity of the sesquiterpenoid downstream productsHuang, A.; Sefton, M.; Sumby, C.; Tiekink, E.; Taylor, D.
2015How climate, migration ability and habitat fragmentation affect the projected future distribution of European beechSaltré, F.; Duputié, A.; Gaucherel, C.; Chuine, I.
2015Entrepreneurial networking capacity of cluster firms: a social network perspective on how shared resources enhance firm performanceLi, H.; de Zubielqui, G.C.; O Connor, A.