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2019Cutaneous respiration by diving beetles from underground aquifers of Western Australia (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)Jones, K.; Cooper, S.; Seymour, R.
2019Identification of Y-chromosome scaffolds of the Queensland fruit fly reveals a duplicated gyf gene paralogue common to many bactrocera pest speciesChoo, A.; Nguyen, T.; Ward, C.; Chen, I.; Sved, J.; Shearman, D.; Gilchrist, A.; Crisp, P.; Baxter, S.
2011The role of in situ stress in determining hydraulic connectivity in a fractured rock aquifer (Australia)Mortimer, L.; Aydin, A.; Simmons, C.; Heinson, G.; Love, A.
2011Dealing with zero flows in solving the nonlinear equations for water distribution systemsElhay, S.; Simpson, A.
2011Density functional theory investigation of Cu(I)- and Cu(II)-curcumin complexesAddicoat, M.; Metha, G.; Kee, T.
2010A comparative study of in-river geophysical techniques to define variations in riverbed salt load and aid managing river salinizationHatch, M.; Munday, T.; Heinson, G.
2012Historical stocking data and 19th century DNA reveal human-induced changes to native diversity and distribution of cutthroat troutMetcalf, J.; Love Stowell, S.; Kennedy, C.; Rogers, K.; McDonald, D.; Epp, J.; Keepers, K.; Cooper, A.; Austin, J.; Martin, A.
2013Prumnopitys anglica sp. nov. (Podocarpaceae) from the Eocene of EnglandGreenwood, D.; Hill, C.; Conran, J.
2013Multiobjective optimization of water distribution systems accounting for economic cost, hydraulic reliability, and greenhouse gas emissionsWu, W.; Maier, H.; Simpson, A.
2019Defining the role of the Streptococcus agalactiae Sht-family proteins in zinc acquisition and complement evasionMoulin, P.; Rong, V.; Ribeiro Silva, A.; Pederick, V.; Camiade, E.; Mereghetti, L.; McDevitt, C.; Hiron, A.