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2020Trophic pyramids reorganize when food web architecture fails to adjust to ocean changeNagelkerken, I.; Goldenberg, U.S.; Ferreira, C.M.; Ullah, M.H.; Connell, S.D.
2006Differential use of signal peptides and membrane domains is a common occurrence in the protein output of transcriptional unitsDavis, M.; Hanson, K.; Clark, F.; Fink, L.; Zhang, F.; Kasukawa, T.; Kai, C.; Kawai, J.; Carninci, P.; Hayashizaki, Y.; Teasdale, R.
2022Establishment of human induced trophoblast stem cells via reprogramming of fibroblastsTan, J.P.; Liu, X.; Polo, J.M.
2011A new dolphin species, the Burrunan dolphin Tursiops australis sp. nov., endemic to southern Australian coastal watersCharlton-Robb, K.; Gershwin, L.; Thompson, R.; Austin, J.; Owen, K.; McKechnie, S.
2023Individuality and stability of the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) faecal microbiota through timeEisenhofer Philipona, R.; Brice, K.L.; Blyton, M.D.; Bevins, S.E.; Leigh, K.; Singh, B.K.; Helgen, K.M.; Hough, I.; Daniels, C.B.; Speight, N.; Moore, B.D.
2007Novel high-resolution characterization of ancient DNA reveals C > U-type base modification events as the sole cause of post mortem miscoding lesionsBrotherton, P.; Endicott, P.; Sanchez, J.; Beaumont, M.; Barnett, R.; Austin, J.; Cooper, A.
2021The ubiquitin ligase NEDD4-2/NEDD4L regulates both sodium homeostasis and fibrotic signaling to prevent end-stage renal diseaseManning, J.A.; Shah, S.S.; Nikolic, A.; Henshall, T.L.; Khew-Goodall, Y.; Kumar, S.
2018Adult mouse eIF2Bϵ Arg191His astrocytes display a normal integrated stress response in vitroWisse, L.; Ter Braak, T.; Van De Beek, M.; Van Berkel, C.; Wortel, J.; Heine, V.; Proud, C.; Van Der Knaap, M.; Abbink, T.