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2004Methodological improvements for investigating silcrete formation: petrography, FT-IR and oxygen isotope ratio of silcrete quartz cement, Lake Eyre Basin (Australia)Alexandre, A.; Meunier, J.; Llorens, E.; Hill, S.; Savin, S.
1996A molecular and evolutionary study of the β-globin gene family of the Australian marsupial Sminthopsis CrassicaudataCooper, S.; Murphy, R.; Dolman, G.; Hussey, D.; Hope, R.
2010Phylogenetics of the pademelons (Macropodidae: Thylogale) and historical biogeography of the Australo-Papuan region.Macqueen, P.; Seddon, J.; Austin, J.; Hamilton, S.; Goldizen, A.
2010Preliminary analysis of trends in Australian flood dataIshak, E.; Rahman, A.; Westra, S.; Sharma, A.; Kuczera, G.; World Environmental and Water Resources Congress (2010 : Providence, Rhode Island)
2007Modelling to forestall extinction of Australian tropical birdsGarnett, S.; Brook, B.
2001Nothofagus cupules from Oligocene-Early Miocene sediments at Balfour, Northwest Tasmania, AustraliaHill, R.
2005Secular trends in mortality rates for diabetes in Australia, 1907-1998Bi, P.; Parton, K.; Donald, K.
2010New technologies: Their potential role in linking rural older people to communityFeist, H.; McDougall, K.; Howard, N.; Hugo, G.
2004Growing the national capacity of highly skilled personnel: a South Australian perspectiveHugo, G.; Wood, F.; 'Beyond Brain Drain' Conference (2004 : Queensland Bioscience Precint, Qld.)
2011An unusual kynurenine-containing opioid tetrapeptide from the skin gland secretion of the Australian red tree frog Litoria rubella. Sequence determination by electrospray mass spectrometryEllis-Steinborner, S.; Scanlon, D.; Musgrave, I.; Tran, T.; Hack, S.; Wang, T.; Abell, A.; Tyler, M.; Bowie, J.