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2008Comparative analysis of nucleotide sequences of Orientia tsutsugamushi in different epidemic areas of scrub typhus in Shandong, ChinaYang, L.; Zhao, Z.; Li, Z.; Wang, X.; Liu, Y.; Bi, P.
2007The dioxin (aryl hydrocarbon) receptor as a model for adaptive responses of bHLH/PAS transcription factorsFurness, S.; Lees, M.; Whitelaw, M.
2001Assignment of the huntingtin (Hdh) gene, the huntingtin associated protein (Hap1) gene, and the huntingtin interacting protein (Hip1) gene to rat chromosomes 14, 10, and 12 by radiation hybrid mapping and fluorescent in situ hybridizationZimdahl, H.; Gosele, C.; Lutjens, G.; Grutzner, F.; Kreitler, T.; Voss, K.; Wanker, E.; Knoblauch, M.
2002Structural organization and evolution of the marsupial zona pellucidaBreed, W.; Hope, R.; Wiebkin, O.; Spargo, S.; Chapman, J.
2002Complementation of a yeast CYC3 deficiency identifies an X-linked mammalian activator of apocytochrome cSchwarz, Q.; Cox, T.
2003Defining the role for XAP2 in stabilization of the dioxin receptorLees, M.; Peet, D.; Whitelaw, M.
2002Differential activities of murine single minded 1 (SIM1) and SIM2 on a hypoxic response element - Cross-talk between basic helix-loop-helix/Per-Arnt-Sim homology transcription factorsWoods, S.; Whitelaw, M.
2002Asparagine hydroxylation of the HIF transactivation domain: A hypoxic switchLando, D.; Peet, D.; Whelan, D.; Gorman, J.; Whitelaw, M.
2007Evolutionary and expression analysis of the zebrafish deubiquitylating enzyme, Usp9Khut, P.; Tucker, B.; Lardelli, M.; Wood, S.
2006Use of a zinc fluorophore to measure labile pools of zinc in body fluids and cell-conditioned mediaZalewski, P.; TruongTran, A.; Lincoln, S.; Ward, A.; Shankar, A.; Coyle, P.; Jayaram, L.; Copley, A.; Grosser, D.; Murgia, C.; Lang, C.; Ruffin, R.