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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Apolipoprotein E and the genetics of cerebral palsy - where to next?O'Callaghan, M.
2007Trends in cancer mortality during the 20th century in AustraliaFreak-Poli, R.; Bi, P.; Hiller, J.
2005Distinct QTLs are linked to cardiac left ventricular mass in a sex-specific manner in a normotensive inbred rat intercrossLlamas, B.; Jiang, Z.; Rainville, M.; Picard, S.; Deschepper, C.
2012Projected years lost due to disabilities (YLDs)for bacillary dysentery related to increased temperature in temperate and subtropical cities of ChinaZhang, Y.; Bi, P.; Sun, Y.; Hiller, J.
2008Dispensing opioid substitution treatment: practices, attitudes and intentions of community-based pharmacistsBroadhurst, L.; Lowe, A.; Coates, D.; Cunningham, S.; McDonald, M.; Vesk, P.; Yates, C.
2010Poor prognosis in familial acute myeloid leukaemia with combined biallelic CEBPA mutations and downstream events affecting the ATM, FLT3 and CDX2 genesCarmichael, C.; Wilkins, E.; Bengtsson, H.; Horwitz, M.; Speed, T.; Vincent, P.; Young, G.; Hahn, C.; Escher, J.; Scott, H.
2010CP or not CP? A review of diagnoses in a cerebral palsy registerZarrinkalam, R.; Russo, R.; Gibson, C.; van Essen, P.; Peek, A.; Haan, E.
2007Hypertensive Cardiac Remodeling in Males and Females: From the Bench to the BedsideDeschepper, C.; Llamas, B.
2006A genetic locus accentuates the effect of volume overload on adverse left ventricular remodeling in male and female ratsSouzeau, E.; Llamas, B.; Belanger, S.; Picard, S.; Deschepper, C.
2000New mutations in MID1 provide support for loss of function as the cause of X-linked Optiz syndromeCox, T.; Allen, L.; Cox, L.; Hopwood, B.; Goodwin, B.; Haan, E.; Suthers, G.