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2001An enhanced linkage map of the sheep genome comprising more than 1000 lociMaddox, J.; Davies, K.; Crawford, A.; Hulme, D.; Vaiman, D.; Cribiu, E.; Freking, B.; Beh, K.; Cockett, N.; Kang, N.; Riffkin, C.; Drinkwater, R.; Moore, S.; Dodds, K.; Lumsden, J.; van Stijn, T.; Phua, S.; Adelson, D.; Burkin, H.; Broom, J.; et al.
2007Molecular characterization of the Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) PRNP putative promoterSeabury, C.; Gill, C.; Templeton, J.; Dyar, J.; Derr, J.; Adelson, D.; Owens, E.; Davis, D.; Kraemer, D.; Womack, J.
2007Complex interplay between intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of long-term survival trends in southern elephant sealsde Little, S.; Bradshaw, C.; McMahon, C.; Hindell, M.
2001Comparison of spinal myotatic reflexes in human adults investigated with cross-correlation and signal averaging methodsMiller, S.; Clark, J.; Eyre, J.; Kelly, S.; Lim, E.; McClelland, V.; McDonough, S.; Metcalfe, A.
2002High levels of genetic monogamy in the group-living Australian lizard Egernia stokesiiGardner, M.; Bull, C.; Cooper, S.
2006Persistent Expression of Notch2 Delays Gonadotrope DifferentiationRaetzman, L.; Wheeler, B.; Ross, S.; Thomas, P.; Camper, S.
2003Isolation of chromosomal regions controlling intersex development in a marsupialSantucciu, C.; Grutzner, F.; Carvalho-Silva, D.; Graves, J.
2007Survival and differentiation of pituitary colony-forming cells in vivoLepore, D.; Thomas, G.; Knight, K.; Hussey, A.; Callahan, T.; Wagner, J.; Morrison, W.; Thomas, P.
2006A redescription of Calicotyle australis Johnston, 1934 (Monogenea : Monocotylidae) from the type-host Trygonorrhina fasciata (Rhinobatidae) off Adelaide, South Australia, including descriptions of live and silver stained larvaeGlennon, V.; Chisholm, L.; Whittington, I.
2004Analysis of intracranial volume in Apert Syndrome genotypesAnderson, P.; Netherway, D.; Abbott, A.; Cox, T.; Roscioli, T.; David, D.