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2002Complementation of a yeast CYC3 deficiency identifies an X-linked mammalian activator of apocytochrome cSchwarz, Q.; Cox, T.
2003Extreme reversed sexual size dimorphism in the extinct New Zealand moa DinornisBunce, M.; Worthy, T.; Ford, T.; Hoppitt, W.; Willerslev, E.; Drummond, A.; Cooper, A.
2006Host propagation permits extreme local adaptation in a social parasite of antsSchönrogge, K.; Gardner, M.; Elmes, G.; Napper, E.; Simcox, D.; Wardlaw, J.; Breen, J.; Barr, B.; Knapp, J.; Pickett, J.; Thomas, J.
2005The Hunter-McAlpine syndrome results from duplication 5q35-qterHunter, A.; DuPont, B.; McLaughlin, M.; Hinton, L.; Baker, E.; Ades, L.; Haan, E.; Schwartz, C.
2004Autosomal dominant congenital non-progressive ataxia overlaps with the SCA15 locusDudding, T.; Friend, K.; Schofield, P.; Lee, S.; Wilkinson, I.; Richards, R.
2004Common and distinctive features in stimulus similarity: a modified version of the contrast modelNavarro, D.; Lee, M.
2019Insulin resistance and systemic metabolic changes in oral glucose tolerance test in 5340 individuals: an interventional studyWang, Q.; Jokelainen, J.; Auvinen, J.; Puukka, K.; Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S.; Järvelin, M.R.; Kettunen, J.; Mäkinen, V.P.; Ala-Korpela, M.
2021Ocean acidification boosts reproduction in fish via indirect effectsNagelkerken, I.; Alemany, T.; Anquetin, J.M.; Ferreira, C.M.; Ludwig, K.E.; Sasaki, M.; Connell, S.D.
2021CD4⁺ T cell immunity to Salmonella is transient in the circulationPeres, N.G.; Wang, N.; Whitney, P.; Engel, S.; Shreenivas, M.M.; Comerford, I.; Hocking, D.M.; Erazo, A.B.; Förster, I.; Kupz, A.; Gebhardt, T.; McColl, S.R.; McSorley, S.J.; Bedoui, S.; Strugnell, R.A.
2013Sphingosine-1-phosphate-induced nociceptor excitation and ongoing pain behavior in mice and humans is largely mediated by S1P3 receptorCamprubí-Robles, M.; Mair, N.; Andratsch, M.; Benetti, C.; Beroukas, D.; Rukwied, R.; Langeslag, M.; Proia, R.L.; Schmelz, M.; Ferrer Montiel, A.V.; Haberberger, R.V.; Kress, M.