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2018Light-confining nanoporous anodic alumina microcavities by apodized stepwise pulse anodizationLaw, S.; Lim, S.; Macalincag, R.; Abell, A.; Santos, A.
2018Galactic PeVatrons and helping to find them: effects of galactic absorption on the observed spectra of very high energy γ -ray sourcesPorter, T.; Rowell, G.; Jóhannesson, G.; Moskalenko, I.
2018Actively Q-switched dual-wavelength pumped Er3+:ZBLAN fiber laser at 3.47 μmBawden, N.; Matsukuma, H.; Henderson-Sapir, O.; Klantsataya, E.; Tokita, H.; Ottaway, D.
2018Real-time binding monitoring between human blood proteins and heavy metal ions in nanoporous anodic alumina photonic crystalsLaw, C.; Lim, S.; Abell, A.; Santos, A.
2018Specific growth conditions induce a Streptococcus pneumoniae non-mucoidal, small colony variant and determine the outcome of its co-culture with Haemophilus influenzaeTikhomirova, A.; Trappetti, C.; Standish, A.; Zhou, Y.; Breen, J.; Pederson, S.; Zilm, P.; Paton, J.; Kidd, S.
2014The effect of a macrocyclic constraint on electron transfer in helical peptides: a step towards tunable molecular wiresYu, J.; Horsley, J.; Moore, K.; Shapter, J.; Abell, A.
2018Mycorrhizal fungi enhance plant nutrient acquisition and modulate nitrogen loss with variable water regimesBowles, T.; Jackson, L.; Cavagnaro, T.
1995International labor migration and the family: Some observations from IndonesiaHugo, G.
2019Identification of Y-chromosome scaffolds of the Queensland fruit fly reveals a duplicated gyf gene paralogue common to many bactrocera pest speciesChoo, A.; Nguyen, T.; Ward, C.; Chen, I.; Sved, J.; Shearman, D.; Gilchrist, A.; Crisp, P.; Baxter, S.
2011Extreme heat arrangements in South Australia: an assessment of trigger temperaturesWilliams, S.; Nitschke, M.; Tucker, G.; Bi, P.