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2002Uptake of intact zinc-ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid from soil is dependent on plant species and complex concentrationCollins, R.; Merrington, G.; McLaughlin, M.; Knudsen, C.
2001Determination of metal-EDTA complexes in soil solution and plant xylem by ion chromatography-electrospray mass spectrometryCollins, R.; Onisko, B.; McLaughlin, M.; Merrington, G.
2004Australian biosolids: Characterisation and determination of available copperOliver, I.; Merrington, G.; McLaughlin, M.
2005Temporal trends of total and potentially available element concentrations in sewage biosolids: a comparison of biosolid surveys conducted 18 years apartOliver, I.; McLaughlin, M.; Merrington, G.
2005Copper availability in seven Israeli soils incubated with and without biosolidsOliver, I.; Hass, A.; Merrington, G.; Fine, P.; McLaughlin, M.
2001The effect of aging biosolids on the availability of cadmium and zinc in soilStacey, S.; Merrington, G.; McLaughlin, M.
2001Trophic barriers to fertilizer Cd bioaccumulation through the food chain: A case study using a plant-insect predator pathwayMerrington, G.; Miller, D.; McLaughlin, M.; Keller, M.
2006Copper partitioning among mineral and organic fractions in biosolidsOliver, I.; Merrington, G.; McLaughlin, M.
2003The influence of sewage sludge properties on sludge-borne metal availabilityMerrington, G.; Oliver, I.; Smernik, R.; McLaughlin, M.
2003Mobilisation and fixation of Zn in polluted soils by variations of pHCollins, R.; Merrington, G.; McLaughlin, M.; Morel, J.; International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (7th : 2003 : Uppsala, Sweden)