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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Speciation and Isotopic Exchangeability of Nickel in Soil SolutionNolan, A.; Ma, Y.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.
2004Measurement of labile Cu in soil using stable isotope dilution and isotope ratio analysis by ICP-MSNolan, A.; Ma, Y.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.
2013Aging of nickel added to soils as predicted by soil pH and timeMa, Y.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.; Oliver, I.; Nolan, A.; Oorts, K.; Smolders, E.
2006Long-term aging of copper added to soilsMa, Y.; Lombi, E.; Oliver, I.; Nolan, A.; McLaughlin, M.
2006Short-term natural attenuation of copper in soils: Effects of time, temperature, and soil characteristicsMa, Y.; Lombi, E.; Nolan, A.; McLaughlin, M.
2006Determination of labile Cu in soils and isotopic exchangeability of colloidal Cu complexesMa, Y.; Lombi, E.; Nolan, A.; McLaughlin, M.
2005Effect of toxic cations on copper rhizotoxicity in wheat seedlingsFortunati, P.; Lombi, E.; Hamon, R.; Nolan, A.; McLaughlin, M.
2005Prediction of zinc, cadmium, lead, and copper availability to wheat in contaminated soils using chemical speciation, diffusive gradients in thin films, extraction, and isotopic dilution techniquesNolan, A.; Zhang, H.; McLaughlin, M.
2004Coupling speciation and isotope dilution techniques to study arsenic mobilization in the environmentHamon, R.; Lombi, E.; Fortunati, P.; Nolan, A.; McLaughlin, M.
2004Determination of Tl-(I) and Tl-(III) by IC-ICP-MS and application to Tl speciation analysis in the Tl hyperaccumulator plant Iberis intermediaNolan, A.; Schaumloffel, D.; Lombi, E.; Ouerdane, L.; Lobinski, R.; McLaughlin, M.