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2010Plausibility of inferred andestral phenotypes and the evaluation of alternative models of limb evolution in scincid lizardsSkinner, A.; Lee, M.
2010Age and origin of alluvial sediments within and flanking the Mt Lofty Ranges, southern South Australia: a late quaternary archive of climate and environmental changeBourman, R.; Prescott, J.; Banerjee, D.; Alley, N.; Buckman, S.
2010Anthropometric characterization of spleen in childrenCoquet, Benjamin; Sandoz, Baptiste; Savoie, Pierre-Henri; Thollon, Lionel; Serre, Thierry; Brunet, Christian
2010Revision of Benedeniella Johnston, 1929 (Monogenea: Capsalidae), its assignment to Entobdellinae Bychowsky, 1957 and comments on subfamilial compositionWhittington, I.
2010Trade-off analysis between cost and reliability of water distribution systems using genetic algorithmsWu, W.; Simpson, A.; Maier, H.; Computing and Control in the Water Industry (10th : 2009 : London)
2010Three new species of Benedenia Diesing, 1858 from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia with a key to species of the genusDeveney, M.; Whittington, I.
2010Arthropod molecular divergence times and the Cambrian origin of pentastomidsSanders, K.; Lee, M.
2010Honing the geoengineering strategyRussell, B.
2010Gendered journeys, mobile emotions: edited by Gale Letherby and Gillian Reynolds. Ashgate Publishing ( 2009, xxi + 214 pp (figures, index)Bonham, J.
2010Potential for foliar phosphorus fertilisation of dryland cereal crops: a reviewNoack, S.; McBeath, T.; McLaughlin, M.